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Olive Leaf Extract Safe

If you have been following health news lately, you will know how olive leaf extract is always in the news. There are many articles and information on how olive leaf extract depression therapy and what it is made of. An evergreen, rugged tree, olive tree has leathery leaves and fissured bark. Apart from oil extracted from the olive fruit, leaves of olive plant are used to make the Olive Leaf Extract herbal supplement. This is one of the best depression natural remedies that have benefited many people.

Olive Leaf is Very Safe

Many people ask the question – is Olive Leaf Extract safe for men with manic with depression? People have been using this extract for centuries as a part of traditional medications and recently as herbal supplement and have found no side effects. This astringent herb has antiseptic properties and has a calming effect on the mind. It also helps improve kidney function and lowers blood pressure and fever.

Therapeutic Uses of Olive

All herbal medicines are not safe even if they come from natural sources. Olive tree is native to the Mediterranean and other subtropical regions and this shrub has rich medicinal properties. Many herbal medications contain extract of olive leaves. Many herbs interact with current medications you are taking and they also cause many side effects. As of now, there are no reported incidents of side effects with medications and supplements containing olive leaf extract. To answer the question- is Olive leaf Extract safe; we can confidently say that it definitely is.

How Olive Leaf Extract Works on Your Body

From time immemorial, olive leaf extract has been used to cure diabetes, inflammation and blood pressure. This is one of the effective depression natural remedies as it has a calming effect on the mind. Traditionally, leaves of olive have been used to treat infections and are also known to regulate blood glucose and improve metabolism. Even though we are very certain that olive leaf extract is safe, it is recommended to consult your doctor and check on how Olive Leaf Extract works with other medications you are currently on. For instance, if you are already on diabetes medications, taking olive leaf extract supplements could further result in stimulation of insulin which in turn may lead to low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia.

In its capacity as one of the best depression natural remedies, even if you do experience side effects, you can be sure it will be mild and certainly not harmful. Side effects may exhibit certain gastrointestinal symptoms as the herb irritates the lining of your stomach. This may lead to a mild stomach upset, loose stool or nausea. There is no documented allergy information.

There are no clinical data to support usage of Olive Leaf Extract while breast feeding or during pregnancy. It is therefore important to refrain from taking any herbal supplement containing this extract when you are pregnant or nursing. If you do want to take it, it is recommended to consult your doctor first.