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Niacin Natural Depression Treatment

Vitamin B-3 or Niacin is considered as one of the most powerful herbal supplements for depression. Niacin Natural Depression Treatment has been known to mankind as a cure for anxiety and chronic depression. However, all of us are not aware of the possible emotional benefits that we can receive from Niacin.

Niacin Information

After a lot of research in the fifties by team of nutritionists and some doctors it has been found that high dose of Niacin is effective in treating chronic depression. Unfortunately it the treatment of some illnesses with pure vitamin B6 dangers therapy has become quite dangerous for some doctors to walk on. However, in the United States, it is considered against the law to prescribe vitamins or nutrition to treat cancer patients.

Niacin natural depression treatment is not still very popular as there are some myths surrounding the side effects of the same.  It is important to understand that anxiety and depression can be enhanced by stress and poor diet. You need to address the nutrition, exercise and the stress levels before starting the niacin to treat depression. Herbal supplements for depression can be started if your diet, exercise or meditation does not solve the problem of depression or anxiety.

Niacin For Depression

It is also important to understand that all prescription medicines that are available to cure emotional illness do have their own side effects. If the patient is suffering from severe depression and anxiety proper medical care should be given by the doctor who can start the Niacin natural depression treatment.

Herbal supplements for depression is really good as it does not cause any side effects.
Niacin so far has not been the cause of death, but in any case should be taken in carefully in the right dose. It can be used with other vitamins like B complex.

Majority of the doctors around the world would prescribe Niacin in small dose, and then gradually increase it on a daily basis. Only when Niacin is consumed in large quantity your skin would flush. However, a slight flush of Niacin should be there only for about ten minutes and is perfectly considered as normal.

Niacin Dangers

There are no known Niacin dangers reported so far. In any case starting with small dosages can be wise rather to start with a higher dosage. A doctor will not go more than 4,000 to 8,000 mg a day to keep away from Niacin dangers and would also reduce it further if the skin continues to flush.

Herbal supplements for depression are really good with no side effects. However, Niacin helps in not only giving a good treatment to depression, but has aids with problems related to sleep, arthritis, high cholesterol and even schizophrenia..

A lot of research has not been done on checking the effects of both Flush-Free and no flush free varieties of Niacin that can be used exclusively to treat depression. However, research has also shown that there are no significant Niacin dangers that can be seen on patients who suffer from high cholesterol as well as depression.