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Natural Complementary Treatments For Depression

A complementary treatment for depression alternative treatments may not work only by itself, but when coupled with other depression medication or with some herbal antidepressant will enhance the effect of that medicine.

Natural Antidepressant Medication Information

There are not too many natural antidepressant medication that is available for depression alternative treatments. Because depression is a mental health issue, something that has not been studied very extensively in natural alternatives for depression, there are not too many known herbs that work for  depression alternative treatments.

There are however other kinds of depression alternative treatments that can be pursued and some of them have actually proved quite effective at helping reduce some of the depression symptoms that are very common.

Types of Depression Therapies

For example color therapy is a very underestimated treatment, and the good thing is that there are absolutely no depression alternative treatment effects that you need to be worried about. It does not work like other natural antidepressant medication. Instead it works on the principle that different colors induce different behavior in people.

Red for instance induces anger while blue makes a person calm. Using blue as a paint scheme at home will therefore be a very good idea to know what are the symptoms of SAD. There’s no additional cost involved, and it is a scientifically proven method of calming down people. What more depression alternative treatment effects could you ask for.

Effective Ways To Treat Depression

Eating food that is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids is also a very good idea. This may not be your idea of depression alternative treatment, but statistics show that a country like Japan where the stress levels for people are much higher than in the US still have only 10% of the depression cases that we have.

Omega 3 fatty acids is essential to build new networks in the brain, and to keep it healthy, and although how exactly it gives the same depression alternative treatment effects is not known, we do know that it works.

Acupuncture is another treatment that may not strictly be a natural antidepressant treatment and
is definitely not a herbal antidepressant, but works very well because it relieves the stress that is the underlying reason for most cases of depression. Acupuncture has shown to be remarkably effective at both reducing stress, and stimulating the nerves and when combined with other herbal antidepressant medication will definitely yield results faster.

Making sure that your diet is full of vitamin B is another method, although the efficacy of this method is not really known. It can however not do any harm and so taking it as a supplement is a good idea.

Depression is a state of the mind, and all said and done, there is no natural or herbal antidepressant including all the complementary treatments put together that are better than a good friend. A strong shoulder to cry on, or an understanding smile at the right time is worth more than all the depression medication put together. This kind of alternative medicine is of course much rarer than the rarest herb, but if you do have it, you probably don’t need anything else.