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Mood Swing

Mood swing occurs more frequently in people than what they think. With mood swing, we can see a person happy at one moment and sad the next moment. Even the most dangerous mood swing has a root cause although in some rare cases mood swing can just be a reaction or a side effect of some drug intake.

Effects of a Mood Swing

The habits of human beings are fueled by some consequences that are short term. Emotions determine character. The way one behaves and portrays is what is perceived by the world. The effects of a mood swing can be anything from minor to a disaster. Mood swings mean the changes in the mood that occurs rapidly or in a very short period of time. We as human beings are exposed to a wide range of emotions in order to express our needs and wants. It is but very normal for us to cry and laugh in the same day. However, if the mood fluctuates very often on a daily basis and stays on for ever, the effects of a mood swing can be really frustrating not only for the person concerned but also for his relatives and friends. The effects of a mood swing can be different for different people.

The efforts taken in the direction of mood swing relief can give a great relief for the person concerned. The possible causes for the mood swing relief have to be understood before any mood repair treatmentn is given to the person. There are various medications and therapies that are available in order to treat people suffering from mood swings.


Stress is another factor that causes mood swings or a negative mood in people. If the person is suffering from stress, strong efforts will be taken by his doctor to bring down stress and give him some mood swing relief.  When the person is experiencing stress the effects are not only psychological and emotional but mental and physical too. The person tends to feel more tired, weak and irritated easily. All these factors can trigger mood swings and when this condition is left untreated, it would have a negative impact on the person’s health as well as their relationship with other people.

There are certain prominent mood swing signs that can be seen in the person suffering from this. However, these symptoms may not be the same in all the people suffering from this disorder. The common symptoms are

Feeling Lost

One of the prominent mood swing signs is where the person does not know how to feel. The intense moods tend to occur in quick succession. After some time you will realize that the factor that was making you sad or angry was not the real root cause of your emotion.

Other mood swing signs include the intensity with which the mood swings happen and depressive episodes. Mood swings are not just characterized by an alteration in the mood but also by the power or intensity of the moods.  It is a situation where the person the person is not content with anything and just gets mad and has to face the emotional roller coaster.