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Mood Enhancing Fruits

Mood Enhancing Fruits are those that can elevate your mood from a low mental state to a positive and vibrant state. We have heard many times that we are what we eat but, in reality, what ever we eat can affect you and who you are. There are some mood enhancing fruits along with B12 foods that can really pull you down and keep you feel low.

Fruits For Mood Enhancement- What Are They

Human body is a delicate balance of hormones, chemicals and neurotransmitters. Food is necessary not only for life sustenance but it can also determine the quality of the life an individual leads. Vegetables and fruits are important source of nutrient that can help balance your mood and improving a person’s mental state. Fruits for mood enhancement are excellent and can help before a decision like a psychiatrist for depression help is decided upon. Bananas, Brocoli are some Fruits for mood enhancement and you can experience this when you have those fruits.

Is It Worth Enhancing Your Mood With Fruits

Many people wonder how enhancing your mood with fruits is possible. Well, it is. There are some fruits that can help elevate a person’s mood. For example, Banana is a fantastic source of potassium and can improve the function of the brain. They are rich in B6, which is a vitamin that helps increase norepinephrine and serotonin levels. Bananas also offers tryptophan which is a relaxant and an amino acid. Another super fruit is Broccoli that has good levels of folic acid. This is responsible for performing various bodily functions that includes cell growth, red blood cells production and of course mood regulation. Vegetables and fruits contain folic acid that can help boost the levels of serotonin and has the power to improve the mood of the person. If a person remains folic acid deficient, he may experience headaches to swollen tongue and gradually go on to mental depression.

Spinach has a heavy proportion of folic acid. It is a wonderful source of magnesium that also happens to be a combatant for natural anxiety. If your diet does not have enough magnesium, you may experience fatigue and may find it difficult to concentrate. Olives contain fats that are “healthy” and are responsible to lower down the anger and the anxiety levels. Olive oil provides similar benefits when it is had cold like in salads or when it is heated below 170 degrees. For high heat cooking you can use other fats.

Berries again are deep colored vegetables that have high degree of carbohydrates and can supply the much needed glucose to the blood.  This translates to higher energy and increase in the activity of the brain. It can combat depression and help decrease irritability.Sweet potatoes are carbohydrates that are complex in nature and have a tendency to provide a calming effect on the human body and also increase the levels of serotonin.

Enhancing your mood with fruits and vegetables is possible as they provide you with the much needed energy. They are amazing antioxidant sources.