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Mood Disorder Symptoms

Mood disorders include a group of mental health troubles that comprise all types of anxiety and depression. Mood disorders are often known as bipolar disorder or affective disorders. Mood disorders or bipolar disorders can occur at any age in any individual including children. The reason of mood disorders is not fully known, but it is suggested that an imbalance in the level of chemicals present in the brain known as neurotransmitters play a key role in the development of mood disorders.

Mood Disorder Information

Often mood disorders may be due to any medical disorder like systemic problem, substance abuse, hypertension or other causes. Major episodes of mood disorder symptoms resembling extreme depression and mania occur in the some individual at any stage of mood disorder.

Usually it is very normal for your mood to swing when you are going through very tough routine and most people go through this sad feeling many times in their life. But when these sad feelings last for a very long time or interfere with your life, it becomes a mood disorder. But good news is this that mood disorders have many natural treatment options and herbal supplements for mood disorder are very effective in treating mood disorders.

Mood disorder symptoms depend upon the age of the individual. Below are the most widespread mood disorder symptoms. These Symptoms may include:

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

•    Constant feelings of unhappiness
•    Feeling desperate or powerless
•    Having low confidence
•    Feeling poor
•    Excessive guiltiness
•    Thinking of suicide
•    Loss of interest in routine activities once pleasures
•    Difficulty with affairs
•    Sleep disorders
•    Loss of  appetite
•    Difficulty in concentrating on one thing
•    Loss of  ability to make decisions
•    Regular physical complaints (i.e., pain, stomach ache, tiredness)
•    Bad temper, aggression
•    Loss of concern in job, study, hobbies, people
•    Social loneliness
•    Depressing mood

Mood disorder symptoms appear more powerful than what an individual may usually feel from time to time. It is also of prime importance if these feelings prolong for a longer period of time, or obstruct with persons’ interest in relations, friends, society, or job. Any individual who expresses suicidal thoughts must be evaluated right away.

Mood Disorder Remedies

The mood disorder symptoms may bear a resemblance to other conditions or psychiatric disorders. Always discuss with your doctor for a diagnosis of mood disorder. Mood disorder symptoms can be controlled by taking certain actions. Excluding alcohol must be most important for persons with mood disorder due to risks of mixing a psychotropic medicine and alcohol mutually, also, alcohol causes anxiety and mood swings.

Another thing that can prickle a mood disorder is sugar; simple sugars similar to those present in desserts have been identified to exacerbate mood disorder. So it is significant to avoid use of the caffeinated food and drink like coffee, cold drink and chocolate. These may momentarily boost up mood and power, but they can cause mood disorder later on. Eating a balanced food with grains, milk, fruits, vegetables and fish food and using herbal supplements for mood disorder can help an individual with mood disorder.