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Molly Use On A Hangover

Molly is a well-known party drug used to get euphoria and hyperactivity of brain. It is used as antidepressant drug medically and called as MDA. It acts by increased release of certain natural antidepressant in the brain which helps to recover depression. Molly has many euphoric effects like increased perception to surrounding, hallucinogenic effects and person becomes more confident and expressive of their feeling. All these effects last for about more than 8 hours after use. Molly is much pure form of ecstasy and therefore more active as well. Molly hangover starts after this time interval. You start experiencing various psychological and physiological effects.

Molly Hangover Effects

Molly hangover effects are quite severe. When someone takes molly they are much more active than normal. They have been doing things more than their actual capacity. Hence sudden comedown of this high may lead to various uneasy effects. One may feel following molly hangover effects:

•    After such long high, people feel exhausted and tiresome.
•    Insomnia that is inability to sleep properly. In fact loss of sleep.
•    Stiffness in body
•    Acute pain in lower back which might be due to dehydration of kidneys.
•    Paranoia may occur.
•    Constant feeling of low emotions and depression. There is impaired function of natural antidepressant which leads to such effects.
•    Loss of appetite is another effect of molly hangover.

Molly Hangover Cure

When you are on such extreme molly hangover you definitely are not advised to take another molly pill. This is quite complicated. You get calendar of dosing interval with drugs like molly that instruct you when the next dose is safe to take. Well, generally if you are using it as party drug then this may not be available. It is advisable to consult your doctor in such case because you might invite dangerous health troubles if you do not have complete molly hangover information. One might just get on overdose that might lead to double hangover effects and troubles. It certainly may not be any more enjoyable. Molly hangover cure is just to relax and try eating balanced healthy diet to maintain nutrient requirement of body. These nutrients would allow to get back healthy functioning of body. Take more vitamin containing foods. This would allow natural antidepressant to function normally.

Don’t just jump to take another molly pill for molly hangover cure. It won’t help you to get off the problems; all it might do is worsening your troubles. If you are using such drugs then consult your doctor for complete molly hangover information. They would suggest you ways to get over many molly hangover effects. It is used as prescribed drug for many treatment of many depression related diseases. Such patients are provided with all the molly hangover information and proper treatments for molly hangover cure. One needs to know such people are not in normal state of mind. But those who use it as party drug are in normal state and therefore they may suffer much adverse molly hangover than such patients. Therefore you need to know everything about such drugs before falling prey to them.