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Molly Natural or Synthetic Substance

Molly drug facts reveal that it is a synthetic drug and is a more intense form of Ecstasy. It has more potency and is becoming popular in many cities. Molly drug information given by the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration makes it clear that the drug causes serious effects like increased body temperature, increased heart rate and blood pressure.  You may feel good after using the drug, but it lasts for a short time. Molly drug comedown effects are very unpleasant and uncomfortable. Depression and anxiety are common after Molly drug use.  In order to come out of such effects, you need to take natural antidepressant.

Molly Drug Facts

Experts provide Molly drug facts that can help you understand the harmful effects of the drug. It acts like a stimulant. As it is a street drug, the dealers may mix Molly with some other drug, which can cause numerous effects on your body. Molly drug information provided by some experts discloses that the drug causes different reaction in different person.  The degree of reaction varies from person to person. The most important problem with this drug is that it does not always do the same thing. It hits your nerve receptors and changes brain signals, which play a vital role of regulating all functions of your body. Molly drug can cause changes in your vision and mood. It may even cause fatality.

Molly Drug Information

The most powerful tool against molly drug abuse is knowledge. Getting as much Molly drug information as possible can help you stay away from the drug. Like Ecstasy, molly drug is sold in rave clubs. It is available in powder form and is off white in color. It has the same stimulant effects of Ecstasy. However, if taken in large doses, it can cause hallucinogenic reactions. Molly drug comedown effects are so severe that you may want to abuse the drug over and again just to get relief from them. Natural antidepressant can help you get relief from these side effects and aid you to come out of drug abuse problem.

Molly Comedown

Some of the previous drug users offer Molly drug facts in the net. They reported visual patterning, closed eye visuals and hallucination. This increases the risk, as younger people may overdose accidentally to achieve hallucinogenic effects. Molly drug comedown effects cause carving and eventually addiction.

Molly drug causes enduring damages to vital areas in your brain. The serotonin system is compromised by Molly drug use. People abusing this drug for a long period of time experience permanent problems with memory. It gives you a rolling feel initially. It may even make you feel better. However, it can cause serotonin damage overtime. It has a high potential for abuse. It may lead to impairments in cognitive functions. You may lose your ability to reason verbally or sustain attention. High doses of Molly drug can cause anxiety, depression, negative thoughts and various other mental health problems, once it comes down. Natural antidepressant is very effective in relieving these effects.