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Molly Effects on Your Body

Molly is a nickname for methylendioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) and is better known is ecstasy.   Some of the molly drug facts are that it is used for both medical and recreational reasons.  It has been used for the treatment for certain psychological and cognitive disorders.  It has also been used as a natural antidepressant for many years.  Some recent studies have given us new molly drug information, that it may be able to treat post traumatic stress, different anxiety disorders, and cancers.

Molly Drug Facts

Some other molly drug facts, with regard to the law, state that it is illegal to sell, possess, and manufacture molly in any form or way.  This can result in some heavy consequences, in terms of jail time and fines.  But some molly drug information has let us know that in certain situation the government will allow some professionals to use this drug as a natural antidepressant and cures for other types of illnesses.  Molly drug information consists of using this drug on humans to test the effect and potential effects.

Molly Physical Effects

There has been a long believed myth that molly causes damage to your back.  There are no molly drug facts that claim that using molly depletes spinal fluids and causes back pain. However, researchers allege that the actual reason for back pain is the excessive dancing and standing at parties and raves.  Another, one of the well-known molly drug facts is that this drug is used more for recreational purposes and has been one of the most popular drugs to take at raves and parties.  However, doctors have provided some molly drug information that explains why some people might experience back pain.


When someone uses molly it releases all the serotonin from the brain that results in a number of ill effects, this is one of the molly drug facts.  A person does not feel the side effects while he or she is partying and having fun, the real fun starts during the molly drug comedown phase. The Molly Drug comedown phase is after the effect of the molly has worn off and the user starts to feel the side effects.  A couple of the major side effects of molly, which are caused by the release of serotonin, are muscle tension, problems sleeping and anxiety.  All of these can be possible causes of the back pain.  This is one of the more valid explanations about the cause of back pain.  It is important that you counter the molly drug comedown phase by eating properly and taking vitamin supplements, if the situation gets worst then it would be better to take a natural antidepressant. The molly drug comedown phase can seem long and exhaustive.

Nonetheless, the belief that molly users will ruin their backs because of depleted spinal fluids has no scientific research verify this myth.  But it is better not to indulge into this drug because the effects can be detrimental and fatal.  If you are currently a user of molly that best thing for you is to take help of professionals that will provide you natural antidepressant and therapy to overcome this bad habit.