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MDMA or Marijuana More Dangerous

Methylene-dioxy-methamphetamine is form of an artificial drug that is generated chemically and is popularly known as MDMA. MDMA is taken in the forms of tablets but some recent MDMA information reveals that it is injected in the body at the street sides and is commonly known as ecstasy and love drug. MDMA directly affects the neuron system of the body and is responsible for increasing the temperature of the body that causes ecstasy. The long term usage of such drug can cause kidney malfunctioning and cardiovascular failure. And it is very hard to come down from the influence of MDMA.

MDMA Facts

MDMA facts show that when you start to take it regularly then it increases the emotional feelings. Usually the user experience a great feeling of being close to others and it gradually increases the sociability of the user. Whenever someone take MDMA then the pupil gets dilated and the vision gets blurred and eyesight becomes suddenly quick or slow and it makes the heart beat faster and increased blood pressure and the users experiences restlessness and keeps the people awaked for hours. MDMA comedown causes depression that lasts for days.

Marijuana Popularity

The natural drug that is used is cannabis and is commonly known as marijuana. Marijuana is also a psycho addictive drug and is generated through cannabis plant. MDMA facts show that Marijuana is the most widely used drug in the world. On the basis of MDMA information, it is learnt that marijuana exists in the forms of dried flowers and leaves and another form of this drug is commonly known as hashish. The chemical name of marijuana is tertra-hydrocannabinol. Marijuana is used for recreational, religious and medicinal purposes now days.  Marijuana is mostly inhaled through smoking. Moreover, MDMA comedown is worse than marijuana comedown.

MDMA Information

Whenever marijuana is used by the user, it causes numerous bodily effects as it reddens the eyes of the user and decreases the intra ocular pressure, followed by severe MDMA comedown effects which vary according to the consumption of MDMA. The mouth of the users also becomes dry and user feels like drinking excess of water.  The skin becomes more sensitive towards heat or cold and heart beat increases gradually and it also lowers the blood pressure in response to the usage of marijuana. Sometimes people feels relax after taking marijuana so in herbal science it is also considered as a natural antidepressant. However, the long term effect of marijuana is still not clear by the researchers.

Marijuana is much less harmful than MDMA because according to the MDMA information available, MDMA is formed through chemical reaction and  marijuana exists naturally though both are psychoactive for the user but marijuana effects less than the MDMA. The long term effects of marijuana is still not cleared but MDMA have numerous dangerous effects on the users and it can cause death to the user because people becomes insensitive to any bodily pressure and that can cause a serious muscle breakdown.  Marijuana exhibits mix properties of stimulant, depressant or hallucination but MDMA falls into the category of depressant and researchers proved that it causes depression whereas marijuana is a natural antidepressant.  Though smoking any natural herb can cause dangerous effects but still it’s less harmful.