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Low Serotonin

Depression is a disease. Unfortunately, the number of people suffering from this disease is on a drastic rise. Hence, it is important that you are fighting depression as long as it afflicts you. However, in order to eliminate any kind of disorder, one has to understand its causes. It is recommended that the rootcause of the disorder is identified. Low serotonin is one of the most common reasons of depression.

What Does Low Serotonin Mean

Serotonin is a chemical present inside the brain. Ideally, the overall level of this chemical should be on the higher side. More serotonin literally means that the individual tends to think more positive. It has been stated that majority of the people who suffer from prolonged depression or OCD have shown low serotonin levels in their brains. Fortunately, low serotonin is a condition which can certainly be treated. It is similar to different vitamin deficiency conditions. As the level of this chemical starts to build up inside the brain, the person starts gaining positive energy and depression seems to fade off.

Low Serotonin Signs

One of the most common low serotonin signs is lack of sleep. Serotonin is responsible for offering good amount of sleep to the individual. The moment the level of this chemical starts dropping down, the person start experiencing irregular sleep. The sleep pattern is totally disturbed. Usually, the person starts sleeping in patches. It is also observed that the person develops a tendency to start walking in sleep. In such a scenario, the individual is not in control and tends to walk without his/her knowledge. A number of people also seem to talk while walking. Interestingly, the individual will not be able to remember anything related to walking the previous night.

Anxiety and Lack of Sleep

Apart from lack of sleep, there are plenty of other low serotonin signs as well. It has been observed that the person starts feeling anxious. Low serotonin levels tend to have an adverse impact on the self-confidence of the person as well. This is one of the main reasons why he/she starts feeling anxious. Low serotonin levels also lead to increase in stress. It has been observed that the individual is under tremendous amount of stress. Usually, a person starts taking stress over minor issues as well. People with low serotonin levels also start to panic in different situations. These individuals tend to press the panic button over small issues. They also develop a tendency to over-react to various situations.

Low Serotonin Information

It is important to be aware about low serotonin information. In most cases, a number of people are not aware about serotonin. Hence, they are also not aware of the adverse effects of lack of it. Apart from being aware of what serotonin exactly is, it is also important to be aware of other similar low serotonin information. For instance – one must be aware of the supplements that eventually help to serotonin levels in the brain. Apart from supplements, there are also a number of food items that help to increase serotonin in the brain.