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L-Lysine Dangers

L-Lysine is an essential amino acid, but because the body is unable to synthesize L-Lysine, it is essential that we include L-Lysine rich foods in our diet or take a diet supplement. L-Lysine plays an important role in the body. It helps us to absorb calcium and keeps our bones and cartilage healthy, plus it performs a variety of crucial tasks in the endocrine system. Without L-Lysine, all kinds of health problems can arise, most notably depression, which is why herbal supplements for depression that contain a L-Lysine natural mood booster are so effective.

L-Lysine natural mood booster supplements are very popular with depression sufferers and treating neurotic depression for example. They work by increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain, just like some anti-depressant medications do. This is because a L-Lysine deficiency causes the brain to stop producing serotonin, and since serotonin is key to a healthy emotional state and regular sleep patterns, a lack of it can be disastrous in the long term.

The Dangers of L-Lysine

Although L-Lysine herbal supplements for depression are considered to be extremely safe if used responsibly, consumers should be aware that there are potential L-Lysine dangers if they inadvertently (or deliberately) consume large quantities of any supplement containing L-Lysine. And since L-Lysine is also found in various foods, including red meat, dairy products and beans, it is possible to overdose on L-Lysine without being aware of it.

Side Effects of an L-Lysine Overdose

As with any herbal supplements, it is always better to stick to the recommended guidelines for safe daily dosage. Medical research has indicated that consuming excessive L-Lysine can raise cholesterol levels and lead to the formation of gallstones. Because of these side effects, anyone with a history of liver of kidney disease is advised not to take L-Lysine supplements unless their doctor tells them it is safe. Some patients have also reported experiencing digestive problems when the daily recommended dosage of L-Lysine has been exceeded—symptoms include stomach cramps, diarrhea and nausea.

Are there any other L-Lysine dangers I should be aware of

L-Lysine natural mood booster supplements are very useful, but they are not suitable for everyone. Aside from people with a history of liver and kidney problems, doctors also recommend that L-Lysine herbal supplements should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women, as it is impossible to verify whether L-Lysine is safe. It is also worth mentioning that L-Lysine supplements should not be given to children without consulting with a doctor or other healthcare professional first.

What if I am already taking other dietary supplements

One of the biggest L-Lysine dangers people fail to heed is that other supplements for masked depression treatment as an example, in particular vitamin and mineral supplements, may contain L-Lysine. Because of this, you may end up exceeding the recommended dosage without even being aware of it. So always check the list of ingredients in supplements before you combine them and if in any doubt, consult a health care professional first.