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Kanna MDMA Comedown

Kanna as a natural antidepressant is catching on very fast among supplement takers. Until recently St John’s Wort was considered the best in terms of natural antidepressant supplements, but now it looks like Kanna MDMA will displace it from its throne. Not much study has gone into Kanna MDMA because it is only very recently in the market. Yet all preliminary reports indicate that it is not only more powerful than other natural antidepressant products, it also gives a serotonin boost much faster.

Kanna Effects

Unlike other natural antidepressant products Kanna MDMA also does not have too many Kanna side effects. Most natural antidepressant supplements have the bare minimum mouth dryness and constipation as a side effect while Kanna side effects are negligible to almost nonexistent. What little Kanna information there is says that apart from the serotonin boost, Kanna MDMA is also a good appetite suppressor. While there have been no studies to prove this, traditional medicine is full of Kanna information about how effective it is in suppressing hunger.

Kanna For An MDMA Comedown

In South Africa where Kanna MDMA is native, tribals were accustomed to using Kanna as a mood altering product. Kanna MDMA has the ability to both stimulate as well as sedate a person, making them very relaxed physically while keeping their faculties sharp. This character of Kanna is the one that is making a number of people sit up and take notice of it as a herbal alternative to other party pills. While most other relaxants have adverse side effects, Kanna has nothing.

Kanna Information

In fact even in traditional medicine Kanna MDMA was considered very safe to take either orally through chewing the root, or as a powder to be snuffed. As to how effective it is and how favorably it compares with other similar natural antidepressant supplements is not known. All Kanna information however seems to point to the fact that it is very effective, probably more so than others that are currently in the market. Yet although there are very few Kanna side effects, as to whether it will be useful as a remedy for a hangover is really not known. There have been no studies that have been conducted in this regard, and since it is very new in the market there is not much Kanna information out there too.

There can however be no harm in taking Kanna if you feel that it is going to make a difference to you. Even if it works as a placebo, what’s the harm. Kanna side effects are nonexistent and if you’re careful, there’s nothing to worry about at all. The only thing that you have to be careful about is taking Kanna along with other natural antidepressant medication. All depression medication tend to increase the serotonin levels in the brain, and if these levels shoot up too high, it can prove fatal. Combining two different medication that will raise the levels of serotonin is therefore very dangerous. Apart from this all indications are that Kanna is pretty safe to use.