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Is Rose Hips Dangerous to Take As a Supplement

Rose hips are not dangerous to take as supplements. However, it is important to first consult your healthcare provider if you want to replace a prescription drugs with rose hips supplements. Rose hips are fruits of the rose bush and are used to treat a variety of health issues.

According to rose hips information, this fruit is well known for its rich vitamin content. Taking rose hips supplements career transitions and depression is the natural way to get vitamin C, E and K. Rose hips supplements are also taken in order to help prevent a variety of infections, especially flu and colds.

Rose Hips Information

Rose hips information on the uses of rose hips supplements shows that they can be taken in order to quicken the healing process for skin irritations and contusions. Rose hips supplements can also be used in order to get relief from swelling and sore throat. Women are known to get amazing benefits from taking rose hips supplements, no bad moods, because it helps them successfully relieve uterine cramps, heavy menses and a couple of breast disorders and as a natural antidepressant. Rose hips supplements are usually taken 3 times daily.

Aside from containing vitamins C, E & K, rose hips supplements also contain the following:

-Citric acid
-Vitamin A, B1 & P.

Rose hips supplements are also taken as a natural stimulant – bowel movement is much gentler. Rose hips supplements are also great for cleansing the urinary system.

People who often feel tired and stressed out can benefit a great deal from rose hips supplements. Those who suffer from depression can use rose hips supplement as a natural antidepressant because it can successfully treat the many symptoms of depression such as tiredness, sleeplessness, loss of appetite.

As a matter of fact, rose hips supplements are great for helping users with all kinds of health issues. According to research, taking rose hips supplements can help to prevent diarrhea and the growth of kidney stones.

Rose hips supplements can be taken for the following:

-Lower abnormal body heat
-Blood cleanser
-Heal internal bleeding or the spitting of blood
-Relieves thirst
-Natural antidepressant
-Treatment for dysentery
-Remedy for rheumatic condition and gout
-Prevents and relieves coughs and chest infections
-Strengthens the stomach
-Prevents fluid retention
-Nourishes the skin
-Cleanses the bladder and kidneys

Rose Hips Side Effects

Very few people experience rose hips side effects. Those who experience rose hips side effects complain of the nausea, heartburn, sleeplessness or headache. Many people take rose hips supplements without any issues.

Rose hips supplements do not have intoxicating effects. Drugs that are packed and labelled as rose hips ecstasy or rose hips MDMA pills are simply pseudo feel-high pills. Many harmful street drugs are packed and branded as rose hips ecstasy or rose hips MDMA.