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Is Lithium A Serotonin Booster Or Stabilizer

Lithium is one of the lesser known elements that find rather crucial use in our systems. Besides its usual action in body, one of the most important roles that lithium plays in human body is that to regulate serotonin levels and why do men have mood swings. According to recent additions in serotonin information, lithium was found to be a booster for levels of serotonin in human body.

Lithium Information

Various studies conducted on rats and later on humans revealed a positive correlation between lithium levels and that of serotonin in the body. Serotonin effects under the influence of lithium are likely to increase peaceful mood. This happens mainly because lithium makes more sites available for serotonin release. It is pretty clear from rest of the serotonin information and an overview of serotonin effects in the body that this natural antidepressant is rather important for normal functioning of the brain.

Lithium Effects

Being so important, human body closely regulates the levels of this natural antidepressant through various mechanisms. However, under certain conditions like a medical situation or use of substances like serotonin ecstasy, serotonin MDMA and other such drugs, the serotonin effects in the body are likely to alter mainly because a changed level of this neurotransmitter in the body. Even in situations of clinical depression, the main effect is on the serotonin levels of the body. It is in such conditions that results of these studies are bound to be breakthrough. This latest addition to rest of the serotonin information offers doctors a better chance at fighting conditions like depression. Altering levels of lithium in body can be used as a means to suppress these symptoms by alleviating serotonin effects, mainly due to promotion of absorption of more serotonin in the body.

Lithium Uses

Lithium may also be used in case of aftereffects of use of drugs like serotonin ecstasy and serotonin MDMA. Since these drugs mainly act by altering blood serotonin level, the temporary increase they produce in levels of this natural antidepressant is always followed by a corresponding decrease. As such, serotonin effects of depression may be noticed among the users. If these studies are to be believed, lithium rich foods or external lithium supplements maybe used to fight this temporary depression which can even last up to a few weeks, in some cases.

Role of lithium in regulating levels of serotonin in the body is not exactly a recent discovery but its implications are vast and will go way into the future. Considering the increasing number of cases of depression, sometimes clinical and sometimes those induced by actions like use of serotonin ecstasy, serotonin MDMA and other club drugs, adding lithium supplements to food of sufferers of this condition may help them fight this condition much better.

Lithium can boost the levels of serotonin to a great extent. The alleviation is not something drastic but noticeable changes in the blood level of serotonin have been reported. These changes might be enough to help those recover from conditions like depression and rest of its associated symptoms. The lithium supplemented treatment to boost serotonin levels can last up to a few weeks but offers promising results definitely.