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Is 5HTP Dangerous To Take As A Supplement

An antidepressant is a psychiatric medicine which is used to elevate mood and relieve stress. Anti depressant are of two types synthetics like citalopram and natural anti depressant like chocolate. There are many natural antidepressant known in the market. Fruits, chocolates, chicken and so on are few of the natural anti depressant. There have been reports that saffron, is ginseng a natural mood booster, lavender and many others. Tulsi also have natural anti depressant activity, especially citric fruits.

Common 5HTP Uses

One of the drugs that are given with caution to the people suffering from depression is MDMA. It is also known as ecstasy. 5HTP MDMA and tryptophan should not be taken without the prescription of doctors. They both can alter functioning of the body and can cause long term side effects. Side effects of each of them together can be a major risk to one’s life. Patients should never be given combination of ecstasy and tryptophan.

5HTP Dosage

5HTP has helped people but its activity is unpredictable. Dosages of 5-HTP that are required for the cure differ in different individuals. 5-HTP is taken by people to give added benefit along with MDMA, i.e. 5HTP MDMA. Ecstasy has caused many problems for youngsters who are looking for new high. There have studies conducted to show that both in combination, i.e. 5HTP Ecstasy, do not add the effect but sort of act in opposite ways. People also have used 5-HTP before MDMA believing it to subsidize the toxicity caused by 5-HTP MDMA. Ecstasy is banned in many countries while 5-HTP is given only with prescription. Over the counter use of vinpocetine is still seen in few countries. 5-HTP will lower the serotonin levels and bring it to its normal level, whereas MDMA or 5-HTP ecstasy increases levels of serotonin beyond the normal levels and the body cannot take these alarming levels of serotonin. This is the main cause which causes toxicity to the system by the use of ecstasy.

Other 5HTP Info

5HTP is short form of 5 hydroxythryptophan. It is a precursor to serotonin and melatonin. It also is an intermediate metabolite for serotonin and melatonin. 5_HTP is used as an over the counter drugs in many countries. It is used to treat depression, anxiety, insomnia and for eating disorders therefore, many use it as 5HTP Ecstasy as well. However, there are known 5HTP side effects as well.

According to 5HTP information, while tryptophan must always be used as a prescription drug, dosage should be taken as suggested by the physician. 5HTP side effects are studied in the researches that have been conducted. Exact direct link or evidence is yet to be confirmed. It dos show side effects like heart valve damage or disease, serotonin syndrome in combination with SSRI, vomiting, nausea, blood abnormalities, muscle tenderness and so on. Therefore, one needs to be careful about 5HTP side effects.

5HTP information shows interaction with drugs that are used for muscle disorder. Hence it is imperative that it should be used with care. Also prolong use might prove fatal. As it is precursor of serotonin, its presence in body in excess will signal they body to produce more serotonin and chemical balance in the body will be lost. Also people should check for the expiry of the product before consuming. The medications should be bought from proper authorized centers and never from the internet. Therefore, reading up on 5HTP information is a must.