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How To Make Molly Last Longer

If you are least worried about molly drug effects on your body, then of course you must be wanting to know how to make molly last longer in your system. Molly or ecstasy is a banned drug, of course you know that, still if you want to give molly a try then be your own guest please. This article intends to provide you with some useful molly drug information so that you can enjoy your roll as long as you want it to without affecting your health considerably. Well, of course your health will be affected in the process, but that is the price you will be willing to pay as you have already consented with yourself, haven’t you? If you haven’t still then it is better or rather best not to try molly drug effects at all, because the effects can be quite serious including depletion of serotonin levels in your brain. If this piece of molly drug information serves as a deterrent to you in trying molly, then so be it, but if that is not the case then you can of course get across useful information on how to make molly stay longer in your system. After all, its all a matter of personal choice.

Molly Information

There is also something important that needs to be clarified at this point. Molly or ecstasy is often marketed as a natural antidepressant but it is actually not. It is a synthetic chemical compound illegally manufactured in drug laboratories so there is nothing organic or natural about it. But why is it called a natural antidepressant then? Only to cash upon your depression and sell the drug, that’s why.  If you are depressed then it has nothing to do with ecstasy or any other illegal drug. In fact, drugs can push you further into depression if not carefully handled, so it is crucial to be aware of this fact. The actual natural antidepressant substance is serotonin, whose secretion in your brain synaptic junctions is heightened under influence of molly drug effects. Dopamine and noradrenaline are other natural antidepressant neurotransmitters that are produced under the influence of molly.

Okay, now on how to make ecstasy stay longer in your system.

Molly In Your System

First, you will have to ensure that you are not taking alcohol with molly. Alcohol and molly are totally incompatible and they cancel each other’s effects. Alcohol being a psychotropic narcotic and ecstasy being a psychedelic drug, they do not go well altogether and can create quite a distressing effect on the user. If you take alcohol with ecstasy the confusion in your head will only make you throw out the drug, thus ruining your chances of enjoying a good roll. Besides, the combined effects of alcoholic hangover and ecstasy comedown can be quite debilitating, lasting its effect for more than a week after you have taken the pill with alcohol. Hopefully, this molly drug information will be helpful in making an informed decision about the drug.

If alcohol fails, then what passes for a long roll? Weed and good music are great achievers in creating long lasting molly drug effects on the user.