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How To Increase Serotonin Levels

Serotonin is a very important substance for the human brain, because it is considered to be the most essential natural antidepressant the body can make. Serotonin effects are not only very pleasant, but they help us behave normally, sleep well, maintain good relations with people around us, and, generally, they aid human beings in major depression diagnosis and controlling their most important emotions. However, as plenty of serotonin information points out, one cannot enjoy the effects of the neurotransmitter if the brain cannot produce enough natural antidepressant. Serotonin needs a particular amino-acid, called tryptophan, that can only be obtained from food. Also, one must keep in mind that using drugs such as ecstasy can lead to a temporary serotonin MDMA high, but, afterwards, their reserve will be empty, and it will take some time to replenish it.

Exposure to sunlight and depression

The way serotonin is processed by our brains is very important, because not only the levels of this neurotransmitter are important, but also other processes, like how fast the excess of serotonin is absorbed back into the synapses, before being delivered again. As the serotonin information provided by scientific studies shows, there seems to be a direct link between exposure to sunlight and depression. People that spend at least half an hour outside, no matter the season, are less likely to become depressed, than those that stay indoors all the time. Seasonal depression is often linked to the low exposure to bright light – that is provided by sunrays – but other types of depression can be alleviated by taking a walk in the sun from time to time. Some people appeal to how is an snri thought to work, in the hope of experience the pleasant serotonin effects right away, but serotonin ecstasy rush, for instance, is only temporary, and causes even more depression.

Getting enough tryptophan into your diet

According to scientific proved serotonin information, the neurotransmitter cannot be obtained by the brain in desired quantities, unless enough tryptophan is introduced into the system. The richest in tryptophan food is turkey meat, which means that eating it can help increasing the serotonin levels. However, getting to increase serotonin levels this way has nothing to do with serotonin MDMA use, that causes a release of natural antidepressant and nothing more, as it does not play a role in producing the serotonin. Other foods rich in tryptophan are eggs, potatoes, and green vegetables. Eating a healthy diet can help you enjoy the positive serotonin effects for a long time. Also, helping your body producing more serotonin through diet is of great help when you are trying to recover from serotonin ecstasy abuse.


Exercise was scientifically proven to be a great natural stimulant for the metabolism of serotonin in the human brain. Although a serotonin ecstasy high may feel better, but only for a few hours, exercising can make you feel good every single day. When you exercise, the body functions are stimulated, including the processing of natural antidepressant. Instead of taking drugs, exercise a little; this habit can do much more for you than a short episode of serotonin MDMA abuse.