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How Does St. John's Wort Affect Fertility

St. John’s Wort has been in news for some time now. Infertility has become a common phenomenon in this modern world. Couples all over the world are facing the threat of infertility. Some say it is due to the stress one takes in their lives due to which they start taking up natural antidepressant. It maybe because people take so much tension, tension related to almost everything they do or everything around them. It can be something related to work, studies, family or anything which can have an effect on them. Moreover there is competition all around the world. Stress is considered as one major factor of infertility. St John’s Wort huperzine a is also used by many across the globe to treat the disorder.

St. John’s Wort Information

St. John’s Wort is a natural antidepressant and is widely used by people who are struggling in their lives to beat the depression. It is very popular among people who are under some kind of stress or who in some way or other can be called as depressed. Since it is a drug it is bound to affect the human body in some way or the other. St. John’s Wort can be considered responsible for affecting one’s fertility too. Today, people want to be aware of St. John’s Wort have people used folic acid for anxiety side effects, that St. John’s Wort can have on them. People now want to know on how St. John’s Wort affects fertility along with St. John’s Wort which has become such a matter of concern among couples world wide who at one stage or the other do want to be the parents of a child. St John’s Wort is considered as a quick method to get over this problem. St. John’s Wort is another natural anti depressant that can act effectively to cure this problem.

St. John’s Wort Effects

When asked that how does St. John’s Wort affect fertility, many doctors have similar opinions on this. It is said that St. John’s Wort not just causes infertility in women but it can also have some consequences in men. One has to have complete St John’s Wort Information. This information can explain in detail about how.  St John’s Wort will work when it is taken.

Since impotency or any other sexual problem in men is as big a problem as infertility in women is, one can understand the bad impact St. John’s Wort can have on the fertility of the egg, since the egg will not be fertilized if the conditions are not right for the egg and if the sperms are not motile and if the number of sperms is quite less in the semen as in the case of impotent men.

St. John’s Wort Information

According to the St John’s Wort Information if you plan to take St. John’s Wort, then some vitamins and minerals need to be included in your diet too since these vitamins and minerals are required by our body. Vitamin B-12, C, E and rich foods such as oranges, mangoes, green vegetables etc. need to be included in your diet when taking St. John’s Wort so that St. John’s Wort side effects do not have any impact on the proper functioning of your body, including metabolism rate, chemical processes in the body since proper vitamins and minerals intake, helps to counter the processes in our body which can cause infertility.

St John’s Wort Information also reveals how St. John’s Wort can cause infertility in spite of it being a natural antidepressant as it can create an environment that is hostile for the egg and sperm to form a fetus. Now, before you try to conceive, always consult a doctor and ask him how St. John’s Wort does affects fertility and how can you treat St. John’s wort side effects on fertility.