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How Do B12 Vitamins Affect Fertility

Vitamin B12 is essential to the body. In fact all the vitamins are. If there is any deficiency in vitamins it causes a lot of physical ailments. B12 vitamin ecstasy in particular is associated with a number of bodily processes, and we don’t even know all of them. Vitamins and their effects on our body have been studied for a long time and what’s the difference between shyness and social phobia, but only now are we realizing that there are a number of things that we did not know about them.

B12 Vitamin Side Effects

For instance it has long been known that one of the B12 vitamin side effects, if you are deficient is that you can display symptoms of depression. This is very easily treated and generally supplements of the vitamin are enough to remove these symptoms.

There is however new B12 vitamin information that seems to suggest that there is a relationship between Alzheimer’s disease and a deficiency in B12 vitamin. Although this deficiency is usually due to genetic causes, it is still something that was not known before.

Tests conducted on whether B12 vitamin tricyclic antidepressants supplements will help are being conducted but there is no B12 vitamin information in this regard yet. There is other B12 vitamin information about a connection between bipolar disorder and a lack of B12 vitamin.

B12 Vitamin Benefits

In both these cases it is not known if including B12 vitamin supplements will help. As of now there does not seem to be any perceptible difference with the use of vitamins alone. However there is one thing that has been noticed and that is that B12 vitamin side effects seem to somehow enhance the effects of natural antidepressant medication. Most of the B12 vitamin information available is old, and it is only now that new research is being conducted into other facets of B12 vitamin.

For instance there is a lot of belief that B12 vitamin helps in fertility. Unfortunately there is absolutely no B12 vitamin information on whether this is true or not. There are some doctors who feel that B12 vitamin side effects can range from helping with asthma to increasing sperm motility and also with ovulation.

Doctors are only now checking whether there is any connection between an inability to conceive and a deficiency in the vitamin. Until now it was the psychiatric B12 vitamin side effects that were concentrated upon to see if it is a good replacement for natural antidepressant pills.

In all cases there is only preliminary information out, and while it is promising, there is no indication that B12 vitamins can either work as a natural antidepressant or in improving fertility. There is a possibility that the deficiency can cause infertility, and that is under study now, but as to whether it can improve fertility is not known as of now.

As of now the jury is still out. There is no indication that taking vitamin B12 will improve fertility. Yet there is no harm in taking vitamin supplements. Vitamin B12 is totally safe, although it is best to consult with a doctor if you are going to take a combination drug.