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How Can I Tell If My Child Is Using MDMA

If you want to know if your son or daughter is taking MDMA, you should find out MDMA facts and research on MDMA information websites to learn more about the drug. There are other forms of natural antidepressant which can be taken instead, and no child or teen should ever experiment with drugs.

MDMA Information

MDMA is not a form of natural antidepressant. It is an illegal drug which is usually taken in the form of a pill or a capsule. It gives the user a feeling of euphoria, along with an elevated heart rate. The general term for this happy feeling is called being “high.” MDMA is also, and more commonly, known as ecstasy. Other terms for the drug are pills or candy, and you should watch out for any lingo which your child is using that might be drug related. These terms are often invented in order to allow drug users to speak about their chosen substances without increasing awareness in the non drug users around them.


The scene where MDMA is used involves concerts, dance parties, nightclubs and “raves” which are all night long dance parties of large proportion. In these situations many people take ecstasy in order to increase their enjoyment of repetitive music, enjoy the act of dancing, and to create a sense of fellowship with their friends and peers. If your son or daughter is attending these types of parties they are most likely going to be exposed to drug use in other people. There will be a temptation and possibly peer pressure for them to take the drugs as well, as they will want to fit in with their friends.

MDMA Facts

If you want to prevent your child from taking illegal drugs you should tell them about the dangers that are involved in doing so. Tell them about the MDMA facts, and give them MDMA information packages to read. Make sure that you make them aware of these worrying facts: Ecstasy is most often made in home laboratories using a plethora of harmful chemicals. Exactly what goes into a pill or capsule of ecstasy depends on what is available and the personal preference of the people making them. There are many known instances where dangerous chemicals such as poisons and toxic substances have been used to make ecstasy pills. There is even a risk of contracting a harmful disease as they can be transferred from bodily fluids that have accidentally gone into the drug mixture. MDMA comedown is also a terrible thing to experience, and can leave one feeling depressed, hopeless, and possibly even suicidal. If your teen is feeling depressed and there is a risk that they might take MDMA to cure this, there are natural antidepressant alternatives.

Be sure that you watch how your son or daughter is acting. If they have sudden displays of happiness, and talk in an overly loving way which is uncharacteristic, they might be taking ecstasy. If they come home late at night, or early in the morning, and are acting in this strange way, you should talk to them about drug use.

MDMA comedown can be another sign that your teen is using this drug. If they are very happy one day, then feeling terrible three to six hours later, or the next day, they might be suffering from MDMA comedown.  Learning more MDMA facts can help equip you with the knowledge you need to notice, signs that your son or daughter is taking the drug. Be sure that they are given an MDMA information brochure if you suspect them of its use.