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Hormonal Imbalance

A number of women suffer from hormonal imbalance at some point or the other in their lives. The intensity of the suffering differs from one woman to another. Hormonal imbalance can be a result of a number of things. In most cases, it is due to exposure to chemicals that are extremely harmful. It could be a result of consuming unwanted substances and drugs. Hormonal imbalance or personality disorder is also experienced by a number of women due to consuming birth control pills. These pills usually have a few side effects on the body and hormonal imbalance is one of the most prominent ones.

Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms

Hormonal imbalance symptoms mainly consist of aspects that are directly or indirectly related to the behavior of the suffering individual. For instance – one of the most common hormonal imbalance symptoms is to get irritated over minor issues. No matter how good the overall temperament of the suffering individual is, she starts to snap over petty things.

Arguments become more common. Even a small thing starts leading to a fight. Intense headache is also another prominent symptom. The headache can last for hours or even days. In most cases, it is mild but constant but can be treated with things like certain greens for mood. However, if the intensity of hormonal imbalance is on the higher side, the person can experience extreme headache. In most cases, the person starts to lose interest in most of the things, including sexual intercourse. There is lack of excitement.

Hormonal Imbalance Effects

Hormonal imbalance effects can be very dangerous in nature. To begin with, the suffering individual starts to develop a hate relation with friends and family. This is mostly seen in cases where the tantrums reach a point where people cannot tolerate them anymore. Hormonal imbalance effects are see at work as well. The individual finds it difficult to focus and concentrate at given tasks. This can have an adverse impact on the professional graph. Arguments and fights are common with office mates as well. In general, there is tension associated with the individual and her behavior.

Hormonal Imbalance Treatment

The best hormonal imbalance treatment method is to supply as many vitamins as you can to the body. In such phases, the vitamin levels fall down drastically. Gradually, the complication starts taking over the body. If vitamins are not supplied on a regular basis, the complication will reach a point where it starts dominating the mind of the suffering individual. This could very well lead to a number of other mental issues. Ideally, your hormonal imbalance treatment should include vitamin supplements. Make sure you use high quality brands. The hormonal imbalance treatment method should also include sound sleep. Make sure you sleep for 8-9 hours every single day. Sleep is the best way to heal the body and offer respite from tension and stress. Make sure you drink lots of water. Ideally, you should consume 3-4 liters of water every day. Water will flush your system.