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Herbal Supplements for Depression

Many people prefer to use herbal supplements for depression to treat depression and anxiety. These treatments are however not classified as Standard Western Medical Practice and often considered as an alternative or complementary medicine. However, you should never take herbal supplements for depression without consulting your doctor about gaba. They professionals would suggest you medication based on your current medical condition and makes sure that it won’t interact with other medicines you are taking as it lead to many health complications.

Omega 3- Fatty acids

To enable human brain function properly, Omega 3 gaba a plays a major role. It is a good fat that is required for several purposes but human body could not produce it naturally thus need proper diet to acquire it. It has been found that people exhibiting diet that is low in the consumption of Omega 3 fatty acids often face depression. The depression rate in countries like Taiwan and Japan where the consumption of seafood is in greater amount is 10 times lower than those who do not consume it.

Fish oil capsules sold in the drug stores could be used to get enough amount of Omega 3 and get rid of depression. However, you need to make sure that you are not taking any other drugs like aspirin and warfirin or it could interact with these fatty acids and you would be forced to face the side effects like bleeding and indigestion.

St John’s Wort

It is also known as Hypericum perforatum and most commonly used to get rid of worries, sadness, poor sleep and nervousness. Few studies have revealed the safe use of this herbal supplement whereas few have found John’s Wort ineffective to treat major depression. However, it is always suggested to use these supplements alone so it would not interact with any other medication you might be taking and effectively function to treat anxiety and depression.

Certain people are advised to not use these supplements such as nursing women, pregnant women, and people having liver disease, kidney disease or bipolar disease.

5- HTP

It is a chemical substance that is produced naturally in the human body and also known as 5- hydroxytryptophan. After taking these supplements, the level of serotonin would be increased and thus help in treating depression. According to the experts, there is not any proof or evidence that could determine the safe use of this supplement therefore; you should consult your doctor before the usage.

SAM- e

It stands for S- adenosyl- L- methionine and pronounced as “Sammy”. It is found naturally in the human body and plays a vital role in the production of dopamine and serotonin. It could easily be found in any health food store but considered one of the most expensive supplements you could ever come across.

Many people prefer to use natural remedies for depression in order to avoid side effects such as eating diet that has reduced the amount of sweets, as it tends to have adverse effects onto the mood swinging. You could also avoid using alcohol and caffeine as they dampen mood, it will serve the purpose of your natural remedies for depression.