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Herbal Stress Remedies

Stress is a common problem nowadays. Problems pertaining to work, studies or relationships can often stress you out. As a result, you suffer from anxiety, insomnia, irritability or depression.  These problems need to be dealt with in an effective and proper manner. One of the ways is to use herbal stress remedies to assuage your stress and find out the causes of stress. You can either take herbal supplements for stress or use natural herbs.

Natural Herbs and Herbal tea to Relieve Stress

American, Asian or Korean Ginseng is a root that was used by Native Americans to relieve headaches, fever and stress. It is still used by myriads of people across the globe to treat stress and related problems. Similarly, Siberian Ginseng, different than American and Asian Ginseng is also often used to fight stress and irritability. Another useful herb for stress is Lemon balm. It was commonly used during the Middle Ages to treat stress, anxiety and insomnia and mood disorder effects. Nowadays, it is common practice to combine lemon balm with chamomile, hops or valerian root to treat stress and anxiety problems. Some studies have shown that those who used a blend of Lemon balm and Valerian root had lower stress levels than those who took a placebo. These stress natural remedies have shown great results.

Chamomile is another herb commonly used in the West as a remedy for stress. German Chamomile has the same effects and is often used in the United States to relieve stress. Drinking chamomile tea is a frequent practice among people to reduce stress. Rosemary is another herb that is said to be pretty useful in alleviating stress and anxiety related tensions. Drinking rosemary tea is one of the many helpful stress natural remedies. These herbs can be easily found at some good apothecary shop or they can be bought from online stores as well. These herbs are not that pricey and are available at affordable rates. Such stress natural remedies can make your life happier and peaceful.

Herbal Supplements to Treat Stress

One particularly useful and popular herbal stress remedies is to use herbal supplements to fight stress. These supplements are made from herbs or a combination of various herbs and can produce substantial results. Quick Kava Premium, Passion Flower, Hops, Re-X, and STR-J are some popular herbal stress supplements. There are many stress packs available too. These have capsules designed to mitigate stress over a period of ten or twenty days. Suma Combination is another herbal supplement designed to lessen stress. Each pill of it has a combination of astragalus root, Siberian ginseng root, gotu kola, suma root and gingko. It aids in assuaging both internal (due to some nutritional or hormonal imbalance) and external stress (Due to tensions at workplace, college or at home) as well as anxiety.

These herbal stress remedies can do wonders if taken on a routinely basis. However, before you purchase some herbal supplements, do consult your doctor, as you might be allergic to some herb. In addition, your doctor would be able to give you a better guideline about what drug to take or not.