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Herbal Remedies for Depression during Menstruation

Depression during menstruation is problem among many women. During the menstrual cycle of a woman the hormones fluctuate and that affects the mood. About 75 percent of women are affected by depression before and during menstruation. Diet and stress are some of the factors that are behind depression during the menstrual cycle. Deficiency of calcium can also lead to negative depression symptoms during menstruation. During the menstrual cycle of a woman there is fluctuation in the hormones that regulate calcium. These hormones significantly drop about ten days before menstruation. This might lead to depression. Depression can also be caused by the increase in the level of estrogen as it leads to lower blood sugar. This can also lower down the levels of serotonin thereby resulting in depression. Nowadays some women are going for the herbal antidepressants in order to get over these problems. There are certain depression alternative treatments that can be used to prevent depression during the menstrual cycle.

Natural Antidepressants During Menstruation

Natural antidepressant like dl-phenylalanine is a good solution for people suffering from depression disorders. It can also be an option for women who experience depression during menstruation.  Different herbal antidepressants can be used to treat the disorders of depression and anxiety in women. Depression is a mental disorder which involves depressed mood, worthlessness, disturbed eating and sleep. People also feel a lack of interest and motivation. If it is not treated then it can lead to substance abuse and even suicide. It hampers the different aspects of the life of an individual. Women facing the problem of depression during menstruation must contact a health professional for the right form of natural antidepressant and how does tryptophan benefit depression sufferers. The herbal remedies are now a part of the depression alternative treatments. You can take the help of an herbalist who can provide you with a treatment plan. You need to have the right information regarding the dosages.

St. John’s Wort During Menstruation

St. John Wort is one of the various herbal antidepressants that can be used for treating depression during menstruation. This herb has been used for years in Europe to cure depression and is well tolerated. Several studies and researches have shown that St. Johns Wort is really helpful in curing different level of depression in women. However it should not be taken along with the antidepressant medications as this can lead to certain side effects. Other natural antidepressants used by many in cases of restlessness as well as anxiety. It can also be used if you are having problems to sleep due to depression. Most of the researches that have been done on the effectiveness of herbal amtidepressants are based on the factors of anxiety and depression. Many studies have proved that this herb works perfectly to enhance the sleep quality. If you are using this herb then you need to know the right dosage.

Another herb that is commonly included in the depression alternative treatments is Gingko Biloba. This natural remedy can increase the flow of blood into the brain. These are the different herbal antidepressants that can be used for depression during menstruation.