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GABA Side Effects

GABA natural depression treatment is one of the best depression natural remedies on the market. The doctors have advised their patients to use this supplement and get rid of their depression in a matter of minutes. But usually people are not aware of the GABA side effects. Right now GABA foods for depression is being used for more than one purpose. Someone is using this natural neurotransmitter for weight loss; someone is using it for muscle gain while there are some unfortunate ones that are using this supplement to get rid of their depression. Even though this supplement has great effects on their condition and people get better efficiently but the side effects of GABA cannot be ignored.

GABA Natural Depression Treatment Side Effects

There is nothing dangerous about GABA depression natural remedies and you should not be discouraged after reading these side effects depression remedies. You must know that these side effects are premature and they do not last a long time. They show themselves at the mildest and most temporary form and go away on their own. Once you get used to it, you will start feeling much better and your condition will improve greatly. The GABA side effects are:

•    Skin Effects
•    Breathing Problems
•    Unwanted Sleeping Help
•    Anxiety
•    IV Dose Effect

Skin Effects and Breathing Problems

The first few dosages of GABA are going to be a little difficult. Your first few dosages will bring skin irritation. Although there are no allergies and no skin problems but for the first few days you will feel a tingling sensation in the areas of your face and neck. You will be itchy and your face will be tickling. There are also some who have complained to have this same feeling in their limbs and feet. They complained about feeling an itch inside their limbs.

For some time you will have breathing problems. This is one of those GABA side effects that will be a little disturbing but it will not last long. You might feel shortness of breath; you might also feel a little throbbing in your chest. There are some people who have complained that they would start breathing very fast and they will become better all of a sudden. Some people would start to rasp and wheeze as well put the effect does not last very long. Most of the time, these feelings happen when patients have just taken their GABA natural depression treatment, it lasts only for five minutes though.

Another unwelcome side effect for these depression natural remedies is unwanted sleep help. You will feel an unwanted drowsiness seeping into your body. Although this drug is a mild sedative but if you work with heavy machinery or you drive a lot then it is better that you take this medicine before going to bed. The sleepiness will be unwelcome but you can stop causing damage with simple precautionary steps. Some people have also companied that GABA causes panic attacks. People feel extreme anxiety. The IV dose of GABA is notorious to induce high blood pressure, increased heart rate and light-headedness.