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GABA A Receptor

GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter found in the central nervous system that plays an integral role keeping a balance between inhibition and neuronal excitation that holds great importance in the proper functioning of human brain. Central nervous system is the place where the process of its production, release, reuptake and metabolism takes place. There are mainly two types of receptors with whom Gamma amino butyric acid interact i.e. GABA A 5-HTP and GABA B receptors.

Functioning of GABA A

GABA A is an ionotropic receptor and acts as a major binding site for GABA. Moreover, the excitability of neurons is greatly reduced by the activation of GABA A from GABA. GABA controls most of the psychological activity of GABA A 5HTP mdma receptors and its sub units could be found in many other major parts of the brain. However, the composition of these sub units varies significantly based on their subtypes and regions that define their functionality. It serves as one of the major receptors for GABA and holds great important among the gene super family of ligand gated ion channels.  It could also be found in many other tissues as well such as placenta, leydig cells, endocrine tissues, liver, immune cells and bone growth plates.

Too little inhibition or too much excitation in the GABA could cause many health complications both physical and mental such as restlessness, anxiety, high blood pressure, convulsions and insomnia. Moreover, if disturbance caused in the neurons reaches to extreme level then it could also result in the death of an individual. GABA A is considered one of the major targets by the drugs or medications taken by individuals to boost level of GABA in order to treat depression. Drugs causing mild inhibition of over excitation state of nerve cells at the binding site of GABA A receptors results in the reduction of anxiety and it is also known as anxiolytic effect. In cases, if inhibition is caused at extreme level then it could also induce general anesthesia. However, increase dose is rarely found but has an ability to let an individual sleep for several days, weeks, months and sometimes years due to the induction anesthesia.

Supplement GABA:

Those people who are suffering from lower level of GABA in their central nervous system are forced to supplement GABA. Supplement GABA plays vital role in the production and release of required amount of GABA in human body so it could control the hyperactivity of cells associated with stress, depression and anxiety. There are any herbal supplements for depression present in the market that help an individual produce required amount of GABA without having to face any side effects. Herbal supplements for depression act as natural boosters and should not be used without getting proper consultation from physician.

The fear of coma has forced the pharmaceutical industry to look for other ligands that could bring improvement in the performance of GABA such as Valium and Librium. The Benzodiazepines act as major modulators for the GABA A receptors, and considered one of the best anxiolytics ever available.