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Facts About Molly

If you are considering taking molly , then it is imperative that you do make an informed decision about the banned molly drug. You can only make an informed decision based on the useful molly drug information available on the internet. This defines exactly the purpose of this article, so as to say to provide you with important molly drug information in order to help you make an informed decision about molly drug. The more facts you know about molly, the more your awareness about the drug will be. Here you can find some very interesting molly drug information.

Molly Drug Discovery

Fact # 1: Molly or mdma was discovered accidentally way back in 1912 by two German scientists, Mannish and Jacobsohn while conducting research on a vasoconstrictor called hydrastinin. The chemical name of molly is methylenedioxymethylamphetamine or C11H15NO2, a substance of the amphetamine group. However, the fact that the compound had psychedelic properties did not come into light until the 60s when the chemical compound began to be used as a mind altering drug. Interested by the effects of the drug, famous American  psychoanalyst Alexander Shulgin self tested this drug and found it can be useful in his psychiatry practices in the 70s.

Shulgin found the hallucinogenic properties of the drug particularly useful in treatment of severe psychiatric disorders like Post Traumatic stress Disorder. Shulgin’s experiments with the drug earned him the nickname of father of ecstasy , nevertheless the fact that Shulgin apparently wanted to keep the psychoactive propertied of the drug under wraps. Soon in the 80s the drug became very popular especially among college students who were beginning to enjoy all night rave parties. Seeing its popularity the government decided to ban the drug in mind 1980s and finally banned the drug in 1985.It is interesting to note that in 1985 a group of ecstasy users actually tried to sue the government for banning the drug. However, despite Theban the drug is still used in party circuits as a club party drug.

Molly Use

Fact #2: The molly or ecstasy that is available in club circuits may consist of severely abusive impurities like heroin or cocaine and other chemicals. In order to avoid the unwanted molly drug effects through heroin or cocaine, you need to check out the ingredients of your pill to find out whether they are adulterated or not.  There are different smart ways of doing that and you would not have to visit any drug laboratory for the purpose.

Molly Drug Definition

Fact#3: Molly drug is not a natural antidepressant in itself. How can it be a ‘natural antidepressant’ if it is a synthetic chemical manufactured in the laboratory? The reference to natural antidepressant in molly drug context is pointed to serotonin, the natural feel good neurotransmitter present on our brains neurons. The secretion of serotonin is heightened under the influence of pure molly drug.