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Extasy Comedown

Not all people who are into extasy are expected to experience the same effects especially when coming down. Even if the general effects of extasy may be the same like the euphoric pleasures, warmth, and the feeling of closeness to other people, the extasy comedown effects will be different for every user. During the coming up stage, users will experience the on rush of euphoric pleasures twenty minutes after taking the pills. The experience is sort of a immediate rush and other symptoms of the drug taking effects include increased heartbeat rate, churning stomach due to excitement, teeth grinding, nausea, tightening of the jaw, sweating, dilated pupils, and anxiety. This is the onrush during the coming up and after two to four hours, users will experience the feeling of well being and intimacy with other people and they will also feel confident about themselves.

Extasy Comedown Effects

But all these positive feelings are reversed after the effects of extasy wear off and the extasy comedown effects begin to manifest. As stated before, the experiences of people will be varied when it comes to extasy comedown effects. But in general, the symptoms for extasy comedown include

•    Depression
•    severe anxiety that results to panic and paranoia
•    loss of appetite, insomnia
•     irritability and fatigue
•    lack of concentration

Severe effects of extasy comedown may also include edginess and increased heart palpitations. For some people, without an extasy comedown cure, this can make them become emotionally and physically drained. This is attributed to the fact that without the stimulation provided by ecstasy, the mind and body go through severe exhaustion and nervousness. It is important that during the comedown effects of exstasy, users need to have extasy comedown cure on hand to help alleviate the effects of extasy during the coming down stage.

Extasy Comedown Cures

Some people opt to use natural antidepressant as their first choice of extasy comedown cure although majority of ecstasy comedown information recommend users to have proper sleep and get enough rest. Superficially, a natural antidepressant can relieve and calm the mind. But nothing works better than having a proper intake of nutritious food rich in serotonin which can also help reduce the nasty ecstasy comedown effects. There are effective extasy comedown cure that can help alleviate the comedown effects.

Extasy Comedown Information

Having the right extasy comedown information will provide you the knowledge you need to know on how to effectively deal with the effects of ecstasy comedown. If you know what to do, there is no need for you to feel that there is something to be afraid of when it comes to dealing with the comedown effects because you know what to do. Current and up to date extasy comedown information can help us deal with the comedown effects of extasy and this can also be obtained from various online drug forums that comprehensively discuss various topics on extasy use and other related issues. Extasy use is not something to be taken lightly if you do not want to face major consequences later on.