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Eustress Definition

According to the eustress definition, eustress is nothing but a positive form of stress that has functional advantages for an individual undergoing eustress. Endocrinologist Hans Seyle coined this term after exploring Richard Lazarus’ stress model. The eustress definition states that eustress is a cognitive response to stress along with measuring stress which is positive in nature. This form of response is healthy and gives one feelings of fulfilment and purposefulness.

Eustress Information

The eustress definition comes as a surprise to most people with a limited understanding of human psychology because according to most of us, stress can only have negative effects. In our limited understanding of stress, we believe that stress is only capable of causing health problems. Our notion about stress is that it can only be dangerous and harmful. Take an office worker for example. If this worker has to deal with a large number of files and complete them within a specified deadline while also skimming through several documents and attending phone calls from home, this can lead to stress. However, this situation does not necessarily create stress in all individuals.

Positive Stress

Going by the proper definition of stress keeping eustress info in mind, stress is nothing but an organism’s response to demand or pressure. In this case, stress can mean various bodily and psychological reactions that remain common irrespective of the nature of the event that triggered them. Only extraordinary events can trigger these responses and can by a positive effect from electroconvulsive therapy as well. This immediate response is all that there is to stress. However, most of us also relate mental strain as well as stress-related diseases to stress which is a flawed approach.

Eustress Effects

The fact of the matter is that be it muscle tension, anger, fear, nightmares, pain or even unhappy events, the automatic response of every organism to these stressors is by and large the same. This includes hormone secretion which regulates heart rate, blood pressure, rate of perspiration etc. On the other hand, if you look into eustress info, you will be surprised to find that even happy events can trigger stress responses in the very same way that trauma, sadness or pressure would. The brain always responds to these stressors in the same way.

Eustress Benefits

According to eustress info, this positive form of stress can be excellent for a human. Eustress effects have known to have many advantages. For example, a person working under eustress effects becomes capable of finishing tasks within stipulated deadlines and an efficient and accurate manner. The sense of achievement coming from the completion of this task can, in turn, be great for the body as well as the mind.

Another one of the most favourable eustress effects is that it increases an individual’s strength and mental capabilities to deal with several situations. Eustress can also be a great booster for one’s creativity, excitement or physical activity acting as a great source of inspiration and motivation. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how well you deal with stressors and various situations in life. Many of us develop the ability to deal with stressful situations by taking them as a challenge and being positive about these situations. This is perhaps the best way to describe the process of eustress.