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Effects of Stress

A stressful condition has a deep impact over a person and it alters many aspects about him. Those aspects include his behavior, mental response and physical response, which can ultimately influence the health too and reasons for stress mostly. Apart from the causes, reasons and types of stress, effects of stress is another widely acknowledged subject. Taking stress as a shallow notion is not an advisable approach; instead, it is more affable that one thinks about stress more deeply by minding its causes and effects to gain better stress management skills that can prove to be very helpful in life, when encountering various situations, problems and challenges.

Detailed discussion about these two categories of stress will help understand and deal with stress in a better way. Firstly the physical effects of stress:


During a stressful situation, it is very common to experience high blood pressure and an increased rate of heartbeat. Many times this a sign that a natural anxiety remedy might be an avenue for recovery. One might feel uneasy by hypertension, as it can emphasize the effect of stress and negative thrill. For a heart patient, this situation can be dangerous as the state of hypertension during stress can cause uneasiness to the heart too.

Stomach Trouble

Some people feel a great stomach trouble during stress, which can affect their digestive system and make the system uncomfortable causing loss of appetite and abnormal defecation too.

Muscle Aches

Although we feel stressful from our brains, but even then our body organs get affected too. One might experience muscle aches and fatigue due to stress, which can hinder the physical activity in an adverse way. Taking too much stress over nerves can cause cramps in muscles. Messaging with some essential oil like lavender oil can be really effective to reduce the effect of stress, other than that herbal supplements for stress can also be taken to better the condition.

Rapid Breathing

Rapid and irregular breathing can also be a consequence of stress especially for the people who do not have strong nerves to make their self-feel relaxed and composed. In addition, the asthma patients experience this problem at a very adverse stage. It is very advisable for such patients to keep their inhalers with them and try not to be overcome by the stressful situation.

Now for the mental effects of stress:


A person is most likely to go into depression when encountering a stressful situation. The stress causing factor can make a person feel so helpless and he becomes depressed and pessimistic. Herbal supplements for stress are a good cure to alleviate stress and snap a person out of depression.


Different people react differently towards stress. Some might get depressed, retire and hide in their shell while some might become volatile and angry.


Focusing so much over the stressful situation causes people to lose their focus and concentration over the rest of the materials.

Insecurity and Uncertainty

A person might also start feeling insecure and unsure about his well-being and future due to stress. However, proper counseling and herbal supplements for stress can help the stressor to regain his optimism and make him bounce back.