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Ecstasy – Pressed Pills And Capsule Pills

Pressed pills of ecstasy are the pills in which the crystalline powder is press to form a hard solid pill. In the case of capsule pills, the loose powder of ecstasy is filled in a soluble container. The popularity of the ecstasy pills have been increased from late 1980s and the pills or capsules of this drug is taken orally. This natural antidepressant produces high which becomes effective within 30 to 60 minutes of having this drug and the ecstasy effects last for four to six hours of taking it. According to ecstasy information, some of the users take excess dosages of this natural antidepressant to increase the time of the high.

Ecstasy Pill Information

Both pressed and capsule pills are coming in different brand names which can be recognized by icons seen above the pills. Most of the branded pills do not mention the real active compound used in the pills as some manufacturers will understand the ingredients of the pills and make their own pills which are the exact replica of the famous brands. The purity of the pills is difficult to know because it is considered as the illegal drug. According to ecstasy information, most of the pills consist of typical ingredients such as ephedrine, methamphetamine and caffeine.

Ecstasy information indicates that the purity of the ecstasy pills can be identified by advanced techniques of lab tests. Some of the tests that are used to know the purity of this natural antidepressant are liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, gas chromatography-infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Ecstasy information indicates that the purest form has a kind of musty odor. This natural antidepressant is with brownish or reddish color in case of impurities. The amount of MDMA present in the pills will vary from 9mg-117mg on each pill.

Ecstasy Effects

The pills are normally pastel color and the different logos found on the pills are Christmas trees, playboy bunny, Mitubishi, Nike and many more. This natural antidepressant is also known as the love pill because of the ecstasy effects such as sensitivity to touch and increased perception on sound and color. Another among the ecstasy effects is that it acts as a hallucinogen that causes people to feel thing which are not real. The drug is famous among the young adults and adolescents as it is used in nightclubs, raves and bars.

The drug is not a mixture, but it is a compound having its own chemical properties. The capsules or pills of the drug are expensive. Ecstasy produces many side effects and these side effects can become fatal, if the user has health problems such as cardiovascular problems. The abuse of this drug can cause kidney and liver failure. The use of this drug also produces muscle spasms/rigidity which is an unpleasant experience for the user. Even though this natural antidepressant is used for creating pleasurable effects, it also causes unpleasant side effects. So before consuming pressed or capsule pills of ecstasy, you have to consider your health condition. If you have a bad health, it is recommended not to take this drug.