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Ecstasy Comedown

The experience provided by use of Ecstasy is described by users as being extremely pleasurable, yet the comedown can be equally unpleasant. After riding on natural antidepressant released by the brain when on Ecstasy for about four hours, users experience what is called Ecstasy comedown. Usually, Ecstasy comedown effects consists of physical and emotional drainage, muscle pains and depression. There are plenty of Ecstasy comedown remedies that can alleviate the said effects and make the come down from the high easier to deal with.

Why Does Ecstasy Comedown Happen

The after effects of using drugs are only a natural response of the body. In the case of Ecstasy, what is happening is that the body is producing a large quantity of serotonin over the duration of only several hours. This natural antidepressant is then metabolized, but you will feel very depressed as the body will not produce serotonin for a while, considering that the maximum levels have already been reached. Ecstasy comedown information shows that this after effect can last for the next day or even two days in a row.

Ecstasy Comedown Effects You Should Know About

Since Ecstasy comedown is a natural response, you need to be familiar with the symptoms you are going to experience. If you spent the entire night dancing while on Ecstasy, do not be surprised when you will be experiencing extreme muscle pains. Since the drug causes the body to relax and feel less pain, you will not be aware of the exertion your body goes through while on the dance floor, hence the terrible muscle pains the next day. Other Ecstasy comedown information says that some of these effects may be just associated with the use of the drug, and not directly caused by it. Also, be aware of the fact that Ecstasy comedown effects can include nausea and an upset stomach, along with depression or even paranoia. However, you can appeal to one of the following Ecstasy comedown remedies to make the symptoms less powerful.

Easy Ecstasy Comedown Remedies

In order to make your Ecstasy comedown from the rush of natural antidepressant easier to cope with, you can apply some easy remedies. During the night partying, you should not forget about drinking water and taking breaks from time to time, to avoid overheating and dehydration. Available Ecstasy comedown information offers a lot of recommendations for making the next day more bearable.

– Sleep. There is no better recommendation for alleviating Ecstasy comedown effects then sleeping well.
– Eat healthy meals. Foods that are rich in proteins and vitamins will help your body recuperate faster. This is one of the best Ecstasy comedown remedies, since you will be able to supply your body with the much needed resources to make more natural antidepressant.
– Take 5-Hydroxy-Tryptophan supplements. These supplements represent one of the most reliable Ecstasy comedown remedies, since 5-HTP is an amino-acid that stimulates the brain to produce more serotonin, which is essential in alleviating the feeling of emotional drainage Ecstasy users experience the next day.