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Ecstacy And No Comedown

Ecstacy or medically called as methylene-dioxymethyl amphetamine (MDMA) is basically a synthetic hallucinogenic stimulant which is available in the form of pills. The most common active oral dosage of this MDMA is usually 75mg. however on an average most of the pills usually contain 100mg of MDMA and the result is inactive pill filler that could also include food dye, talcum powder or starch. According to ecstacy comedown information, pure form of this MDMA is actually white powder but the street ecstacy is always processinto pills and even stamped and colored in different color and brand logos. These brands or logos help the user know what they are buying. However you should know that you might possibly expeirnece some ecstacy comedown effects that could be mild or harsh for which you can use a natural antidepressant. In some cases you might also require proper ecstacy comedown care and medication.

Ectacy Effects

The ecstacy drug produces strong feelings of empathy, pleasure, happiness and warmth. Moreover it also increases sensitivity to music and makes people more emotionally open and has a speedy and stimulating effect. When swallowed the user might have full effects usually within an hour. It usually starts with tingling with a bit of rushed feeling of exhilaration. However some people might also experience dizziness and nausea during ecstacy comedown but it passes away quickly.

Ecstacy Comedown Effects

However most of the people feel that they might completely not overcome the ecstacy comedown effects. They even feel that it is not possible to comedown from the ecstacy effects. Well, it probably depends on your dosage and regularity of usage for the ecstacy comedown. In most of the first timer cases the user might get ecstacy comedown within 24 hours. However if you have overdosed yourself and even mixed alcohol with ecstacy then the comedown might even take a few days to overcome. You can just rely on a natural antidepressant to comedown mild hangover of the ecstacy but you might sometimes need a proper ecstacy comedown care and medication as well.

Ecstacy Comedown Information

However according to the ecstacy comedown information, the ecstacy hangover or MDMA comedown might often consist of feelings of sadness, boredom and even slight depression. Moreover some other ecstacy comedown effects also include sleeping difficulties, tiredness, dull headaches and irritability. Having pure MDMA or ecstacy is less likely to induce such side effects and it could just mean a matter of 24 hours to overcome the ecstacy comedown unless it is taken in high quantities.

There are also some fake MDMAs or ecstacy available on the streets which can make you feel really very had with all sorts of effects and trouble during the ecstacy comedown. In this case it might take a few days to completely overcome the comedown or hangover. It is recommended that you opt for professional ecstacy comedown care to speed up the comedown process. However ecstacy comedown information also states that a natural antidepressant could still prove to be beneficial to overcome hangover for those who have used pure MDMA for the first time.