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E Pills Comedown Hallucinations

E PILLS comedown might be difficult to handle and it is best to get all your E PILLS comedown information before you decide to take a dose and get high. E PILLS or ecstasy or MDMA is a powerful drug that gives the feeling of euphoria, happiness and dizziness to the user. The user might feel extremely confident, loved and capable of achieving anything. It does not let you feel tired and the user stops noticing the problems or needs of the body which can be potentially harmful and even fatal.

E Pills Information

E PILLS are a recreational and taking a dose can overcome all the depression, restlessness, anxiety and panic making the user feel great. One taking E PILLS the person would become more aware of lights, sounds and also touch. This is a natural antidepressant and should not be taken with any other anti-depression drugs. Mixing with other drugs or taking with alcohol can give dangerous side effects. The best way would be to get proper E PILLS comedown information and the rules that should be followed to handle the highs and lows.

Ecstasy would start to take effect after 30-40 minutes of taking and the high would be around 2 hours later. The E PILLS comedown starts after around 8 hours which is when the user would start to notice the E PILLS comedown effects. Although this time varies for different users and can be longer for new users, the E PILLS comedown is something that needs to be handled well.

E Pills Comedown Effects

The E PILLS comedown effects are depression, anxiety, irritation, blurred vision, dehydration, disorientation, paranoia, hallucinations, increased heart rated, headaches, hypothermia etc. The physical effects are mostly caused by dehydration. The E PILLS raise the heart rate and also the body temperature. The high body temperature causes sweating and dehydration, which are responsible for all the physical effects of the comedown.  Extreme dehydration might even result in death due to organ damage.

The hallucinations are normal during an E PILLS comedown and the user might seem to see things that are not there. The feeling of being disoriented or spaced-out is accompanied with the hallucinations and it might become difficult to separate the real and the imaginary.  Once the natural antidepressant effect fades away the feelings of depression, uselessness, panic might set in and the user may need time and space to cope with this. The best way for an E PILLS comedown cure is give it time and wait for the symptoms to go away. Usually the headaches and hallucinations would go away in a couple of days. It might take longer for a new use to get rid of the comedown.

The way for an E PILLS comedown cure is to eat a nutritious diet and stay away from other drugs and alcohol. Although it might be tempting to take other drugs to suppress the comedown symptoms, they might interfere with the body processes that are trying to regulate the systems and might even delay the comedown.