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Does Your Teen Have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Did your teen ever experience some of following symptoms before or during period.

•    abdominal bloating
•    fatigue
•    uncontrollable emotion
•    acne
•    abdominal cramp
•    insomnia
•    depressed feeling
•    irritability
•    anxiety
•    headache
•    breast tenderness
•    distended breast
•    Anorexia

If yes, then your teen is probably suffering from the condition named PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric syndrome). All above mentioned are premenstrual dysphoric syndrome symptoms. Scientifically, a term PMDD do natural mood boosters exist refers to collection of emotional, psychological as well as physical symptoms that are associated with a woman’s menstrual cycle. It is essential that every woman should know correct premenstrual dysphoric syndrome information.

Lots of research has been done and it is found that about 80 percent of women of child-bearing age suffer this bipolar disorder. Nowadays, many premenstrual dysphoric syndrome medications are available, which can be used to restore the balance. Some exercises, nutritional changes, counseling, acupuncture treatments are also suggested with some natural antidepressants.

PMDD Effects

A woman is categorized to suffer from PMDD if she suffers at least one emotional and five physical symptoms for a week before period for three consecutive menstrual cycles. The premenstrual dysphoric syndrome symptoms influence the life of sufferer and affect even daily activities during the menstruation period and vanish after the menstruation is over.
Lots of premenstrual dysphoric syndrome information is available over the internet, books etc. however, the main cause of PMDD is not really known. Various risk factors, which may contribute for PMDD, are high caffeine intake, family history, tobacco usage, stress, aging, allergies, wrong diet etc. Some experts say that PMDD is associated with psychological environment, hormonal change and genetics. Some natural depressants are advised with some herbal medications to lessen the symptoms.

Management of PMDD

1.    Premenstrual dysphoric syndrome Medications:
•    Some anti-anxiety drugs may be advised by experts. It is essential to take such drugs in appropriate quantity and under medical supervision. Natural depressants will be helpful to lessen severe premenstrual dysphoric syndrome symptoms.

•    Psychotherapy can be suggested by experts. A psychiatrist can treat the patient with CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy).  This therapy along with premenstrual dysphoric syndrome medications can help change self perception while lessening the physical symptoms.

If you seen your teen suffering from any of the above premenstrual dysphoric syndrome symptoms, then instead of worrying, you should help your teen to get out of condition. Give her courage and support. You should consult your doctor as immediately as possible.
When your teen suffers from PMDD, keep in mind that she may have swinging moods and feeling of hopelessness. So, you should help her to get out of this condition.

Lots of premenstrual dysphoric syndrome information is available in various books and through the net. Ask your doctor about your doubts and treatment options available. Try to find out exact causes behind PMDD. Nowadays, several treatments and premenstrual dysphoric syndrome medications are available. Pay attention to her diet and routine.
Remember, you have to help your teen to lessen PMDD symptoms. Start your quest to make your teen have better and healthy life now.