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Does Winter Really Affect Mood

There are some people who often feel a bit low or depressed during the dark winter days. They never feel like getting out of their bet and often get mood swings that make it difficult to make decisions. This is often not the case when it is sunny outside when they just want to go out and have a great and energetic day. The sunny weather anxiety effects also make them motivated to get out and have fun. However cloud weather really affects the mood and this has been studied by several professionals in order to find out winter mood information so that people can efficiently fight their winter mood.

Treating Winter Mood

It is completely normal when you feel like you have no energy on an occasionally day or two but it could be serious winter mood condition called as SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. This occurs most frequently during the winter months during which people start experiencing some winter mood symptoms. Those people who suffer from this seasonal affective disorder tend to have a normal mental health is lithium a seratonin booster throughout the year but experience winter mood symptoms of depression in the winter or less frequently during the autumn, spring or summer months. This tends to occur year after year and it is estimated that nearly 1.5 to 9 percent of adults in the United States of American experience seasonal affective disorder. In case you are suffering from this disorder then you can get appropriate light winter mood medication and natural antidepressant after you have been diagnosed by the physician.

Winter Mood Symptoms

Some of the people feel that they get the winter blues. Some of the most common symptoms for winter mood or seasonal affective disorder can consist of morning sickness, oversleeping or difficulty in waking up, craving carbohydrates which can often lead to weight gain, overeating, difficulty in concentrating, lack of energy and withdrawal from friends, social activities and family. There are a few people who experience this disorder even during the summer and spring seasons but it is less common. The winter mood symptoms of the disorder during spring or summer months include irritability, insomnia, decreased appetite, anxiety, social withdrawal and weight loss. Depression can also be caused due to this disorder and some natural antidepressant medicines can help you overcome it.

Reasons For Winter Mood

Although the causes of SAD are still unknown it most likely depends on age, genetics and your body’s natural chemical makeup. During the winter and fall months, sunlight is reduced as the days are shorter and this disrupts your body’s internal clock that leads to feelings of depression. So, apart from just taking some natural antidepressant medicines to overcome depression and SAD symptoms, you can make use of the light therapy to brighten up your mood during the winter months. You can find the right winter mood information about this therapy so that you can use it in a proper manner. This light therapy helps in causing a change in the brain chemicals that are linked to your mood. Some other medications and natural antidepressants might also be prescribed when the symptoms are severe.