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Does UV Light Therapy Work for Mood Disorder

Are you facing problems with your mood disorders? Are you looking for some simple treatment therapies that can relieve you from the mood disorders? If it is the case, here you will find one such alternative therapy that can cure you from mood disorders. It is Ultraviolet light therapy. If you do not have any UV light therapy information, you will get it here along with UV light therapy effects SAD cure and how it works. UV light therapy is all about using lights for healing different health complaints.

UV Light Therapy Uses

The conclusions of studies and researches of many scientists about UV light therapy information show that colors and different intensities of lights are helpful in curing various diseases. You will be surprised by knowing that UV light therapy effects develop natural immune system within our body is SAD common. For health problem like depression, it produces natural antidepressant within the body to get rid of depression. The secret of this effect is lies in the working of UV light therapy.

Ultraviolet light therapy used light therapy box with different intensity lights. The body organs are exposed to this light box for predefined time period. The light rays stimulate the brain and nervous system to generate enzymes and compounds that build a natural immune system in the body. Thus UV light therapy effects act as a natural way of healing. Seasonal affected disorder is the type of mood disorder. Mood disorders are related to the mental health of the individual. Depression, stress and tension, fear, loneliness are some of the mental health problems related to mood disorders. Normally symptoms seen in mood disorders are –

•    Loss of energy
•    Depression
•    Sleeping too much / sleeping disorders
•    Nervousness
•    Fatigue

UV Light Therapy Effects

Ultraviolet light therapy forces to secrete different enzymes and chemical compounds in the brain and nervous system. UV light therapy information shows that it increases energy level in the body. It also helps in treating depression and sleeping disorders as it generates natural antidepressants in the body. Hence, UV light therapy definitely works in treating mood disorders. There are several light therapy products available in the market. There are light boxes available in different intensities ranging from 2500lux to 10,000lux. As the intensity of light increases, lesser treatment sessions are required. You can choose for product that shields from UV rays to damage your skin and eyes. Before going for light therapy products, you should consult with the specialist or you can get treatment in the clinic under supervision.

Along with the light therapy, you can go for natural antidepressant food and supplements. Some of the antidepressant foods are –

•    Walnuts- contain omega 3 fatty acids and uridine that elevates mood.
•    Spinach- It contains folic acid that maintains physical and mental health with serotonin
•    Dark chocolates – It contain cocoa and more than 300 compounds that boost your energy level.
•    Citrus fruits – Give vitamin C that maintains RBC cells and produces dopamine which is essential neurotransmitter.

You can take these natural antidepressant foods along with UV light therapy. All this measures definitely work in managing your mood disorders using UV light therapy.