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Does Cheering Up Friends Help You Overcome Your Own Depression

The most basic mechanism underlying depression is the feeling of worthlessness. Under depression a person feels useless and the self esteem declines drastically. When you are nice to someone around you, you naturally feel good about yourself. Having strong morals and ethical values work as a rose hips natural antidepressant because with a sense of morality, you feel important and enlightened. That does not leave much room for self pity and low self concept.

Antidepressant Activity Information

There are some simple antidepressant activities that you can follow to alleviate depression. Altruism is a basic natural antidepressant. Be nice to others. Helping those in need without any selfish material gain or an attempt to get the other person obliged would help you overcome your own depression and is it safe to take herbal sleep aids while taking antidepressants. There are multiple ways that you can help others. The easiest and simplest one is to make them laugh. Making others laugh is one of the most effective antidepressant activities for your own self.

Antidepressant activities information suggests that thank others for what they have done to you would not only make them feel good and respond positively to you but also impacts your own self concept positively. Humor has been established very recently as a strong antidepressant activity. Recent psychological research studies reveal that along with therapy that works on changing one’s perception of the world, themselves and the future, humor can be very beneficial and ameliorates the condition of the person to a great extent.

Laughing For Depression Treatment

Laughter therapy therefore works for many, but the practice largely depends on the case and the situation. Where expose to humor depression and laughing makes you feel better, making others laugh makes you laugh yourself, so you get the laughter therapy. In addition to that, as you make a friend laugh, you realize the control that you can have over someone else’s emotions at a particular time. You see how you contributed and made someone laugh. This improves your self concept. With a better self concept, the depression starts to mellow down. They are right when they say laughter is the best medicine. It is even better when given to someone less in need.

Moreover, depression can be well dealt with in company of close friends. It is often a general tendency to stay alone when depressed and this only worsens the depression. As you make someone laugh, more people enjoy being in your company and spending time with you is reinforced. As a result people seek your company and you spend less time alone in the depressive states.

Laughter is not the only antidepressant activity. Other important antidepressant activities include engagement and physical activity. Antidepressant activities include setting realistic goals and getting busy. This way you keep on having positive feedback from time to time as you get engaged in a task and get to complete its successive steps. It is a very important antidepressant activities information that an amalgamation of antidepressant activities would give you the best results in dealing with depression.  So, exercise regularly, eat healthy, laugh and make others laugh.