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Does Burning Frankincense Help Treat Depression

There are many antidepressant activities that you can get involved in that do not require a lot of effort, in case you are suffering from depression. One of the reasons why depressed people remain depressed is that they do not do anything, as they feel too much effort is required. However, they can enjoy the best antidepressant activities effects, if they know which are the easiest to turn to. Burning frankincense is one of these activities, and it is believed that inhaling air in which the smoke from this incense floats can be very beneficial for many conditions. Antidepressant activities information shows that burning frankincense can be one of the easiest methods to relieve depression without having to exercise for hours or force yourself to think positively.

How can frankincense help depressed people

Lack of natural antidepressant in the brain is the main cause of depression. Not eating the right foods, not seeing the light of day for too many days, not getting enough sleep, can all be causes of depression, as well. A thing so simple as burning frankincense may seem like a too stretched piece of antidepressant activities information, and you may find it hard to believe. However, there are scientific studies that show that such antidepressant activities really have an impact on depression. It seems that licorice side effects can help unblocking ion channels in the brain that are responsible for mood. With the brain freed from pressure, it is easier to get the production of natural antidepressant back online.

The role of incensole acetate

Incensole acetate is a constituent found in frankincense. Recent studies on mice showed that this compound is responsible for relieving anxiety and depression in these small animals that are seldom used in studies conducted for substances that usually produce the same effects in humans. The role of this substance in antidepressant activities is quite obvious; since it can help relieve anxiety and depression, it means that burning frankincense can be very beneficial for people that suffer from such conditions.

Known from ancient times

Frankincense is a substance widely known for its beneficial properties for human beings and their health problems. Aside from the antidepressant activities information presented above, frankincense helps repelling insects and the diseases they carry, it can play a role in alleviating the symptoms of arthritis, it can be used as an antiseptic, and the list of benefits can continue. The reason does tanning help treat depression or SAD has been used since ancient times is that its benefits for health were well known. As far as the antidepressant activities effects it provides are concerned, it seems that simply burning frankincense can help a person feel better and more relaxed.

Used in meditation

There is a reason why frankincense is used in meditation. Its action on the human brain promotes mental relaxation in order to enter a state of mind that allows getting in touch with a more spiritual self. Frankincense can also help the brain produce more natural antidepressant, because it provides the antidepressant activities effects needed for such activities.