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Do Men Have Mood Swings Once a Month Like Women

Men also experience hormonal changes overtime. Therefore, as they become older, they are also more susceptible to mood swings due to hormonal changes.  Extreme mood swings along with severe depression why weed causes depression are likely to be related with another disorder. If your mood swings are uncontrollable, or if you experience intense bouts of depression, get in touch with a doctor for treatment right away.

Hormonal Causes

Research has proven that as men become old, their testosterone levels decline, making them more vulnerable to fluctuations in mood.  These changes in the body and their effects are often referred to as “male menopause”. It should not be confused with menopause experienced by women because there is a great deal of difference between both. According to leading research centers in the world, “male menopause” is nothing like female menopause and is medically defined as andropause st john wort, It causes hormone loss over a long period of time.

Mood Swing Symptoms

The most prominent mood swing symptoms are:  wakefulness, depression, loss of memory and low level of motivation. Nevertheless, these symptoms are momentary, contrasting to those observed in bipolar disorder and major depression. The basic difference between andropause and depression is that in depression, the patient experiences consistent sadness, feelings of insignificance, changes in weight, sleeplessness or oversleeping, exhaustion, a loss of interest and suicidal thoughts. Bipolar disorder, on the other hand, includes “high” feelings followed by intense mood swings related to depression.

Andropause or a decline in testosterone commences at the age of 30 and carries on till the age of 70. According to research, depression starts between the ages of 15 and 30 and the state is often inherited or genetic. Although women are more vulnerable to depression and mood swings due to hormonal changes, but men cannot be ruled out of being effected by hormonal changes.

Exercising and a healthy diet are the best ways to curb mood swings. Apart from that, getting involved with our spirituality can also be beneficial for mood swings. Individual or group psychotherapy is yet another way. The result of these procedures may be different from person.

Mood Swing/ Depression Medication

It is advised that all middle-aged men should confer with a doctor for appropriate testosterone-level verification. In some cases, low levels can be the basis of other medical conditions that require treatment.  Supplements and herbs can be used to improve these problems but long term use of these herbs and supplements can cause prostate cancer. Therapies are also advised by doctors to curb mood swings. Cognitive therapy or even a relaxing stroll in the park can improve the mental condition by leaps and bound.

Natural antidepressants such as 5HTP and L-Threonine can greatly improve the onslaught of mood swings. 5HTP produces more serotonin that decreases depression and angst. It is an excellent dietary supplement as a natural anti depressant. Regular dosage of 50 to 300mg each day can be very effective, especially if taken with St. John’s wort.

Mood swing medication includes drugs like Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox. These are very famous anti depressant drugs since the 1990’s. They do not have the side effects of Tricyclic Antidepressants, but they still should be used as a last resort, as these drugs have other repercussions which might cause further complications.