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Do Herbal Happy Pills Really Work

The term happy pills is just a colloquial name for antidepressants or as they are scientifically known, mood enhancers. It is only lately that the effect of certain chemicals on our moods have been understood, and this has spawned a number of pills that purportedly enhance our mood.

Herbal Depression Remedies At First

Initially all these chemicals were considered tyrosine hydroxylase medicines and were used to treat certain psychosomatic issues, but over the past decade they have started being used indiscriminately for even mildly depressed individuals.

This is where the term “happy pills” come in. Almost all these drugs are prescription drugs and although the number of prescriptions have grown exponentially they are still available only under prescription.

There are many people who may not have any underlying illness and may just want to take a mood enhancer occasionally. Until now this meant taking mood altering drugs like ecstasy that contained how do B12 vitamins affect fertility. Now however you get Natural Antidepressant pills that are available as a supplement.

Natural Mood Booster Information

For long certain plants have been known to have an effect on our moods, and ingesting them or inhaling their smoke acted as a natural mood booster. You don’t have to look too far for these.

In Native American culture, medicine men used such plants to get into a state of trance when they say visions that meant a great deal to the future of the tribe.

Nowadays however it is possible to obtain supplements that contain the extract from a number of such plants. The good thing about such Natural Antidepressant pills is that they do not have much of a side effect except that if you aren’t careful, it is very easy to get addicted to them.

Studies have shown that our body controls its moods based on the amount of serotonin in our brain. This serotonin is synthesized in our bodies itself, and although it is present in our gut too, this serotonin does not have any effect on our mood, and acts more like a laxative.

When this serotonin is present in our brains however, it gives us a feeling of wellness, and tends to alter our perception of our environment. However it is not possible to ingest serotonin for it to work positively on our moods.

Natural Antidepressant Pill Effects

Natural Antidepressant pills can be considered a sort of Natural Mood Booster Ecstasy or a Natural Mood Booster MDMA. They contain products that get converted into serotonin in our body thus giving us a feeling that all is well with the world.

Of course a Natural Mood Booster will not have the same effect as synthetic MDMA would, but therein lies their advantage. A Natural Mood Booster MDMA like Natural Mood Booster Ecstasy will never be dangerous to you, nor is it as addictive as the synthetic variety.

The biggest advantage of the Herbal Mood Booster is that they are not fatal. While synthetic Ecstasy can be fatal when taken in large quantities, it is theoretically impossible to overdose on Natural Mood Booster Ecstasy because you will have to take a combination of different compounds for it to become fatal.

If you’re going to a rave party or a disco, it is very tempting to go with a mood enhancing drug. However if you opt for a Natural Mood Booster like Natural Mood Booster Ecstasy it is not only much safer, it will give you your high without taking you to such dangerous heights that you will end up doing something that you may regret later on.

The answer to the question therefore is Yes, natural mood boosters work.