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Depression Relapse

If the depression symptoms return within a period of six months then it is known as depression relapse. The relapse can be partial remission or full relapse. The main cause for relapse is when people think they are feeling better and stop all the medications at once without gradually doing it. They abruptly stop all the treatment and within a few weeks have relapse that can lead to full blown depression relapse, which is why depression support group benefits are highly rated. However, apart from this there are other reasons that at times cause depression relapse.

Depression Relapse Signs

One of the worst fears is experiencing depression relief and feeling the depression relapse signs surface again after a gap. Many people feel that they are ‘better’ once the medications of antidepressant start working. Once they feel better they immediately stop the medication and experience the depression relapse signs trigger again. Unfortunately once the depression relapse signs are seen, they are again put under medication and the cycle goes on.

Depression Medication

In fact once you start the medication for depression and feel better, you need to monitor carefully and take care of depression relapse prevention so that you need not go through the whole process again. In fact depression relapse prevention is possible if those who were under medication continue with the same medication for a longer duration of time without stopping the same in between.

Depression relapse prevention treatment can be your best mechanism of defense against relapse. Also an alternative like gardening for depression is great. Studies show that a person once starts feeling better tries to bounce back to his old lifestyle and becomes less vigilant when it comes to taking depression medications. Apart from medications there are many more factors that are responsible for depression relapse. There could be a possibility of a life event that can bring back the depression.

Depression Relapse Effects

Depression relapse effects can be quite severe and can cause more physical and mental damage than what it did before. In order to save them selves from the nasty depression relapse effects many people still love to maintain their regime in order to maintain mental stability. They continue having the same medication although they are feeling much better and on top of the world.

It is important to note that it is possible for some people to get effective treatment for depression with medication and therapy. They may never come back to the state of depression. However, for others there may be times when this can relapse back into a state of depression.  There can be many triggering factors for this like stress, personal issues, professional problems, death of a close relative and so on.

Once there is relapse of depression and the person begins to feel the symptoms returning, it can cause a negative impact at work. They may have a hard time to concentrate and complete certain tasks and also to get their work done on time. They may also be at risk for being fired. So, once you are in depression medication it is important for you not to stop that at a point when you are feeling better. This may cause a relapse of depression and the effects can be more severe.