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Causes Of Anxiety

Tension, restlessness, panic, loss of focus, eagerness, agitation and powerlessness are states that best describe anxiety. Though it sounds quite normal but trust me, this problem can become an enormous trouble for you if you do not take care of it when it starts knocking at your door. Anxiety can be resolved by using some effectual anxiety natural remedies. Anxiety is among those disorders that act like slow poison. It is very toxic for you because with time this problem starts taking command of your brain. Moreover, when you start losing control on your brain, you are unable to do anything calmly or peacefully.

There are several kinds of anxiety. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder generally known as OCD, Social Phobia, Panic Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PSTD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder or better known as GAD are some of the major categories of anxiety. All of these can degenerate calmness and happiness in your life.

Problems that Can Give Birth to Anxiety

There are various causes of anxiety. In some cases, anxiety is the result of some underlying disease. Health issues like diabetes, asthma, heart diseases and problems with thyroid can give birth to anxiety. This anxiousness and concern about your health prevails for days and eventually results in anxiety. Drug abuse and alcohol withdrawal are also two of the prominent physical effects from anxiety. When people get addicted to drugs and are unable to find them, they get anxious. In addition, when drug addicts try to quit drugs, they feel nervous and uneasy. In both situations, they end up having anxiety.

Anxiety Effects

Other causes of anxiety include being worried about something. For example, if you have a huge exam coming up, you are bound to feel nervous but if you let this nervousness take over you then it is transformed into anxiety and building a need for herbal stress relief as time goes by. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder occurs when you are unable to ward off the fear related to some dangerous accident or incident that happened in your life.

For instance, people who have met some car accident cannot forget it and whenever they see any accident or hear about it, they start feeling anxious and scared. Stress situations at work or home can also cause anxiety. People who face many troubles in their marital life or relationship also can end up having anxiety. In addition, another big cause of anxiety is worrying about money and money related issues. People who constantly face monetary crisis in their life usually stay stressed and depressed. The outcome of this stress is anxiety.

Anxiety Natural Remedies

Many anxiety natural remedies can help you. Practicing deep breathing daily for at least twenty minutes can prove to be a life saving technique for you. It purifies your mind; relaxes your body and enables you with more control. In addition, you can use oils of rose, sandalwood and jasmine. You can massage these oils on your body or use as scents in your room. Their aroma soothes your mind and keeps stress away. These great anxiety natural remedies can help you in the long run and must be tried.