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Can Niacin Treat Depression

Depression is certainly a hard disorder to face. Depression doesn’t not only influence the sufferer’s feelings about him/her, but also influences everyone around them. It can lead to many other problems such as self harm, suicide or even death. If you are suffering from depression, you should see a doctor and may have to consume herbal supplements for depression and anger available in the market. This problem needs to be examined, even though there aren’t any confirmed drugs that can actually treat it, and though there are many treatments cautiously intended and introduced for individuals suffering from this problem, but they are extremely costly.

Herbal Supplements for Depression

There are certainly many herbal supplements for depression easily available for those who are unable to get such costly treatments. In addition to these natural supplements, proper diet, nutrition and exercise can also help you cure something like atypical depression. Running, walking, or any type of workout that you like can actually assist your emit all the stress that makes you feel a little down. There are various causes of depression such as stress, tensions, bad diet, lack of nutrients and vitamins. Niacin vitamin is one of the most important vitamins that a person should consume everyday. You may be unaware of the fact that niacin treat depression. Believe it or not, niacin plays a vital role in treating depression and mental illness. Now, how niacin treat depression. Basically, niacin increases the circulation of blood in your body, and produces a special element known as serotonin which results in good mood.

Niacin In Your System

An individual’s body does produce a small amount of niacin but that amount is not enough for you. Therefore, it is always recommended to consume foods that are rich in niacin. Niacin depression remedy includes consumption of food such as celery, carrots, turnips, green vegetables, beans wheat product, rice bran and almonds. You can receive a good amount of niacin from bran and yeast if bran covering is not detached. For adult women, daily advisable consumption this vitamin is 15mg. Women who are expecting a baby or breastfeeding requires somewhat more amount of vitamin B3. For men, the daily recommended dose is 15-19mg.

Niacin Dosage

Consuming 1000 mg of this vitamin 3 times per day usually treats depression. Comprehending how niacin treat depression and how many doses of vitamin B3 you should consume everyday helps remove depression symptoms gradually. Maintaining health should be done nutritionally. All cells of our bodies are created exclusively from what we consume the whole day. Not even a single cell is created by drugs. One of the most common mistakes made by individuals who consume vitamins is that they are unable to consume sufficient vitamins. As a deficiency of one vitamin can lead to various different physical or mental issues, thus consuming one vitamin can cure many problems. The same rule applies when it comes to niacin depression remedy. Deficiency of niacin can cause depression, thus consuming sufficient amount of this vitamin can cure depression.
If you are unable to see results even after consuming the right amount of niacin, you should also take herbal supplements for depression to treat it before it leads to something serious.