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Can Mood Swings Be Connected To The Moon Phases

Mood swing is a behavioral change when an individual feels like abnormal in behavior- elevated or depressed.  Mood swings may range from slightly elevated mood to euphoric condition and from simply depressed feelings to dreadful severe depression with suicidal intentions what to do before using ginseng. Mood swings are related to a lot of social and medical conditions such as bad and tragic incidents of life and psychological disorders. Mood swing is not a normal condition; it may result in fatal outcomes. As per mood swing information, suicidal attempts have been reported in many medical and psychological disorders. Mood swings can be managed with the use of synthetic as well as natural antidepressants.

Lunar Effects on Mood

When we talk about whether the lunar cycle affects the behavior of the individuals or not, controversial views are confronted what to do before using vinpocetine. If we ask an astrologist, he/she will surely say ‘Yes’. On the other hand, if a doctor is asked about relation between the mood swings and moon phases, the answer will be ‘No’.

Meanwhile, when a nurse is asked, she reveals that traumatic cases are presented more during the full moon. Similarly, if you ask a farmer the same question, he will smile and nod in yes. However, mood swing information brings to light that there is no scientific reason behind the connection between mood swing and moon cycle.

Those who believe that lunar cycle influences the behavior of the individuals put forth a lot of points. According to them, men and women are affected in varied degree.  Some men may be prone to high elevated mood or even euphoria, while others may experience little or no mood elevation at all.

Some people believe that moon phases influence the endocrine system of the body just as the moon affects the oceans. Pituitary gland, thyroid gland, pineal gland, prostate and various other glands are affected by the changing cycle of the moon. Moreover, nerves, tissues and cells are also affected by the moon cycles.

Mood Swing Information

The interesting thing about mood swing information is that some people believe in the effects of the moon phases on sexual life of the individuals. In this regard, they remark that women experience high degree of sexual desire while men observe violent increase in their libido during the period of full mood. Sometimes, men force their sexual partners in order to have their desire fulfilled. However, no scientifically proven study is yet available and this opinion needs to be supported by strong reasons.

Moreover, it is strongly believed that crimes are increased during full moon as compared to the period of dark moon. Nurses also support this evidence of increased criminality. So, there could be a kind of pull or effect on the bodily mechanisms from the moon. Still and all, the moon phases and their effects on the individual’s behavior need to be observed and evaluated to reach proper conclusion.

However, if mood swings happen, they can be helped with the use of synthetic or natural antidepressant medication or supplements. Summarily, due to the lack of authentic research or knowledge, nothing exact can be said about the influences of the moon phases or lunar cycle on mood swings.