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Can A Lack of Parental Care Cause Depression

Let it be a child of any age group, parental care is important for every kid as it not only nourishes his or her present but also motivates the child to live life happily forever. Parental love and care are known as the biggest sources of strength and support to a child. After so many researches on foods with serotonin and case studies, it has been found that children who lose care and attention from their parents in their childhood, they are badly affected in terms of their psychiatric conditions and in such times no natural antidepressants help them.

General Meaning Of a Lack of Parental Care

In fact, lack of parental care in young age has been directly linked to the psychological significance of the traumatic loss itself and further it has been also determined that depression is the phase generally through which such children goes through.

Yes, with loss of parental care, children suffer from various disorders. These include a range of depression symptoms, what is SAD, anxiety, and antisocial personality. As estimated by various sources of depression information, soon or later, the affected children lose their attachment for the parent and get separated.

Parental Care Causes For Depression

All this can embrace a range of other adverse experiences and happenings to a child’s life. In simpler terms, the lack of parental care does not only cause a child to have lifetime symptoms of physical but psychological scars too. Depression symptoms are just one of those emotional wounds, but since these cannot be seen with naked eyes therefore these generally are buried beneath the physical injury scars and are not given the appropriate attention and depression medication.

Children And Depression Effects

These days, a large number of children are found suffering from depression. And most of them do not get sufficient parental care and love. This has resulted in making such children suffer from immediate as well as long-term effects. Therefore, in order to protect the future of youngsters, these days internet is full of depression information.

This includes causes of Depression, depression symptoms and depression medication too. It has been also determined that being neglected from parents directly results into fear and the failure to trust others. These further evolve children into low self-esteem and depression.

According to various depression information sources, one in every 33 children and one out of every eight teenagers suffer from depression symptoms. In fact, in the United States, depression is considered as the most universal mental health problem and seeks continuous and effective depression medication.

Being an equal-opportunity disease, depression symptoms does not discriminate according to age, race or economic background. These can occur to any child. These days many children to distress them from their depression problems consume natural antidepressant pills and that too without concerning a health official. This can surely offer them with relief and comfort for some period of time but this in no times can be considered as a permanent depression medication. Consulting a psychologist or a family doctor is crucial to overcome such brain related problems.