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Boost Serotonin Naturally

A majority of people looking to recover from depression and boost their mood often depend on chemical antidepressants for the same. While this method is effective and quick, it also may have several side effects such as low levels of energy and a decrease in libido. In severe cases of depression, one has no other choice but to go for these antidepressants. However, if your depression is not as bad, you can find several other ways to boost serotonin naturally and start smiling. In fact, even individuals under medical treatment for depression can consider these methods to boost serotonin naturally and provide their treatment the required push.

Living Right

Not many people know that something as simple as a lifestyle change can help boost serotonin naturally. It all starts with living the right way. Waking up early and exercising for as little as 20 minutes to half an hour can increase serotonin naturally. The best thing about exercise is that apart from its function to increase serotonin naturally, it also boosts several other hormones that help mood regulation. Try and live a life that is free from emotional as well as physical stress and pressures. Living in present times comes with the most obvious stress of everyday life but there are still mental exercises you can perform to avoid anxiety, mood swings and getting riled up too easily. Make sure you always take the time to rest enough and have your share of recreation to increase serotonin naturally.  This brings us to yet another important factor which is sleep. People usually only think of sleep in terms of quantity. However, getting sound sleep is extremely important for a natural serotonin boost.

Eating Right

Everything you need for a natural serotonin boost can be found in everyday food products. It’s just about balancing these foods in the right manner to get the desired effects. Vitamin B6 is known to be one of the best vitamins for a natural serotonin boost. Foods such as fish, celery, mustard, greens, cauliflower, garlic, turnip greens and spinach are considered to be really rich in this vitamin. Again, you can pair this up with grain like seeds such as quinoa, millet, buckwheat and amaranth. These seeds are really rich in proteins and carbohydrates which are imperative natural serotonin increase. It is best to eat these foods when blood sugar levels are at the lowest. This usually occurs early in the evening or late in the afternoon. Apart from proteins and carbohydrates, these seeds also provide a rich dose of several vitamins such as vitamin D and vitamins B6, B2 as well as B1 which are all necessary for mood regulation.

When going for a high protein diet for a natural serotonin increase, make sure you concentrate on your digestion as well. Again, excess protein may also work against serotonin production. Fermented foods and drinks are a better option for a natural serotonin increase. The reason for this is that excess protein is also known for some ill effects. It is therefore important to combine your foods wisely and do it through a balanced diet.