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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder results in extreme moods fluctuations in a person affecting the over all well being. Some years back bipolar disorder was also known as atypical depression where the person experiences extreme mood swings from feeling very sad, hopeless and worthless to exceptionally agitated, hyper and restlessness. The mood of the person oscillates between two completely different emotions from feeling ecstatic to feeling completely depressed hence, the name given bipolar disease. A person having bipolar disorder can lead a normal life. This disease occurs in sequence and earlier in life especially in teens and early twenties.

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

These symptoms are varied and need not be the same for all individuals. This is a serious disorder as it affects the person’s lifestyle, health, jobs and family relations. Bipolar disorder symptoms can come in the form of thoughts of suicide and homicides and actually performing such acts. Other symptoms of bipolar disorder are addiction to drugs and alcohol and also becoming abusive and extremely depended.

Bipolar Disorder In Children

There are cases of bipolar disorder in children too apart from males and females. Since, the disease is a long term illness and risky, bipolar disorder in children should not be ignored and the right treatment has to start as soon as the symptoms are shown. Many experts state that due to the chemical; imbalance within the brain, bipolar disorder in children may occur. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that control the functioning of the brain.

Chemical Imbalances

Any imbalance in these Neurotransmitters may cause this disease. If you still want to know the exact cause of this disease, it is better to go for bipolar disorder test that can help identify the source of this issue. It is believed that if any of the family members has this disease the other member is at a higher risk as there is a genetic component to this disorder. To know if this disease is genetic or not it is important to go for the bipolar disorder test. Apparently, the disease is not caused by gene alone, stress, environmental factors and others genetic combinations may trigger the disorder.

Not everyone with mood swings have bipolar disease. There are different symptoms that suggest that a person is suffering from bipolar disease. A person with this disorder may speak rapidly, get highly irritable and have unrealistic thoughts about themselves. Luckily this disorder is curable with timely medications. Before any treatment is given, bipolar disorder test should be conducted.

When you have extreme mood swings or energy disorder, the condition is known as Bipolar Disorder Depression.  There are different levels of Bipolar disorder, one where person is very energetic and on a very high mood and vice versa.  His mind frame is very positive and another is where he is in constant depression, continuously thinking negative about himself, family and the world.  This position is known as bipolar disorder depression. The research on bipolar disorder depression could not find any concrete reason for it but most of the people think, it can run in the family.

Bipolar disorder depression can stay in a person up to 6 months.   With proper treatment and medication a person can get rid of this.   Along with medication you need to be self discipline when you are taking the treatment of bipolar disorder.  Treatment can take longer time to cure a person and everybody in the family should support the person who is going through this treatment.