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Bipolar Disorder Facts

Also called manic depression, bipolar disorder is characterized by extreme mood changes, changes in thinking pattern, energy levels and behavior. Bipolar disorder facts show that symptoms of this condition could present very abruptly or may develop gradually like social anxiety over a period of time right from childhood or adolescence.

If untreated, facts about bipolar disorder show that teens suffering from this condition will suffer from depression and mania. These extreme mood swings usually occur in cycles and may last for weeks, days or even hours. Bipolar disorder information however reveals that this condition may not affect all patients in the same manner which means symptom could differ from patient to patient in terms of duration, intensity and frequency.

Treatment options like stress relief exercises for bipolar disorder include medication, lifestyle choices and therapy. People suffering from bipolar disorder symptoms could get great relief by sticking to a specific treatment plan.

Mania Symptoms

Bipolar disorder facts show that common symptoms exhibited by patients during the manic phase include racing thoughts and speech, inflated sense of importance or grandiosity extremely inappropriate happiness due to elevated mood, psychosis and hallucinations, poor judgment, reckless behavior, decreased sleep, excessive distraction, hostility and irritability and talking more than usual.

Depression Symptoms

Facts about bipolar disorder show that depressive stage of this condition manifests in the form of a series of symptoms such as irritability, agitation, withdrawal from favorite activities, lack of pleasure in anything, change in appetite, weight gain or weight loss, loss of energy and fatigue, thoughts of suicide and death, inability to concentrate and resultant drop in grades, inability to sleep or sleeping too much, crying spells and persistent feelings of sadness.

Getting Timely Help Is Very Important

If you find any of the above symptoms in you or your loved one, it is important to compulsively reach out for immediate help. As a first step, go through relevant bipolar disorder information. Learn everything you need to know about this life-debilitating mental illness.

Untreated bipolar disorder could lead to various problems such as substance abuse, aggression, messed up relationships, suicide attempts and problems with the law. Bipolar disorder facts show that one of the leading causes of suicide in teens is this condition left untreated.

Support at school and home and proper treatment administered on time can alleviate symptoms and help patients lead a normal life. According to facts about bipolar disorder, teens taking proper medications and following treatment guidelines have gone on to complete high school and graduate from college. They are able to lead independent and productive lives.

Following A Set Treatment Regime

If you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it is necessary to first approach a good doctor. With the help of your doctor, it is important to develop an effective treatment plan based on the severity of your condition and stick to it at any cost. Go through a lot of bipolar disorder information and educate yourself about this illness. Exercise regularly and eat right and complement this with medications and there is no reason why you cannot lead a life as normal as anyone else.